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Comment Re:Movement is where to look... (Score 1) 892

Please mod parent up.

Orbiter is awesome for really understanding orbital dynamics. It is one thing to know about the theory, but it is something else entirely to actually put it in practice and feel how complex it can be. Once when flying the Shuttle and trying to rendez-vous with the Space Station, I was falling a bit behind, so I instinctively pointed the ship towards the station and fired up the thrusters a bit in order to catch up. That should get me back closer to the station, right? Well no: given our direction of travel, that burst of thrusters just raised my orbit, hence making me slower, so I fell behind even more and ended up totally screwing up that rendez-vous.

So in space, you don't just go eyeballing your flight like you would in VFR on Earth. You really do need a flight computer, and a lot of planning ahead of time. Try it out, it really is eye opening. Then, once you really get orbital dynamics, you can start imagining what space combat would be like (spoiler: as many have already said: slow and boring. Sorry, no Star Wars style space dogfight...).

Comment Salvation is in the method (GTD) (Score 4, Informative) 428

There was a similar comment posted, but it lacked explanations and has not been modded up yet, so let me go into more details.

Your current task management solution does not work so well, and you are looking for a tool that, you hope, will automagically make everything work for you. Let me tell you from experience: this won't happen. You may get a small boost at first, when using a new shinny "todo list on steroids", but it does not come from the tool: it just comes from your increased motivation. And when the novelty wears off, you will find yourself facing the same problems as before, blame the tool again and start looking for a new one. Rinse, repeat...

So, rather than looking for a technical solution to your problem, you first need to find a better task management method. And as a previous poster wrote:

1) Read the book "Getting Things Done" (GTD) by David Allen.

2) There is no 2). The GTD method works very well with just pen and paper, and you can probably implement it with the tools you are currently using.

Once you are familiar with the GTD method, you may start looking for some GTD specific tool. In that case, I suggest OmniFocus. I reviewed many such tools, but I think OmniFocus is the one that is truest to the method. In particular, it is very important to be able to easily turn a task into a project when you process your inbox. And OmniFocus makes it the easiest: you just drag and drop the task to the project sidebar. All other software make you click extra buttons, input the project title again, and this extra clutter just gets in the way of a smooth inbox processing. OmniFocus is also an iPhone application, that can sync with its desktop counter-part, so you can have access to your GTD system anywhere. Only issue: the desktop version is unfortunately Mac only.

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