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Comment Re:Free Energy is definately for real (Score 0) 213

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, to wit, a working model.

People tend to forget that we don't harness energy states, we harness differences in energy states.
The difference in temperature drives a thermocouple, a difference in pressure drives a piston, a difference in voltage drives an electric circuit.
A chunk of iron with a temperature of X is useless if its stuck in an environment that is also at X.

Comment two words: brazil nuts (Score 0) 263

There is an argument that AIDS can be thought of as a symptom of severe selenium deficiency that has been triggered by the HIV virus. A recently retired geography prof, Harry Foster, has been doing some interesting work on the subject (his website is at The summary is: a few brazil nuts a day is a good thing for your immune system, if you aren't allergic to them.

I've always tended to get really nasty colds, a couple a year. Since I started chowing down on the brazil nuts 10 months ago, I've been pretty much free of them. Just don't eat too many (two a day is safe), or you risk selenium poisoning.

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - 1 watt led versus laser diode?

tallvegdude writes: "As a recent article in slashdot made clear, while you can make pull the laser diode out of a DVD burner and get something that can pop balloons, its also really easy to blind yourself or somebody else with such. However, how about the now cheap 1 Watt LEDs? If I grind off the diffuser lense, polish the top, and add some lens, do I have something interesting (a, something that could pop a balloon, light a match)? Does it still have the same hazards? Anybody in the know?"

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