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Comment Re:I read A LOT of books (Score 1) 150

When ebooks first became available I thought that this was a great opportunity to have access to more of them for a cheaper price.

I won't be satisfied with ebook prices until I can get an epub for the price of its used physical counterpart. I rarely buy new dead tree books and lament that my money doesn't find its way to the author when I buy used books. My conscience doesn't bother me enough to buy one new book instead of several used ones, of course, but I would love to be able to spend the same amount while actually supporting my favorite authors.

With no legitimate electronic equivalent of a used book, and with publishers and authors only profiting from sales of new books, there is little incentive for the industry to reach for customers like me by lowering ebook prices. If there was, they would've already done so with mass-market paperbacks.

So the only hope for cheaper ebooks is to reinstate the price war aborted by Apple's price-fixing cartel. Hopefully, this case will get us there.

Comment Re:Sensational Submission Title is Sensational (Score 1) 145

Moon Reader doesn't just allow you to add custom OPDS sources. At least one update from the Google Play store came with TUEBL pre-installed as a source. That's pretty sketchy since many of the app's users would have no idea TUEBL is any less "legitimate" than Gutenberg.

Comment Re:What is Perl? (Score 1) 379

The first Perl enemy was PHP. While PHP sucks in many ways, it was better designed to write simple dynamic web pages.

mod_php installed on every virtual hosting provider is the main reason the language took off. Had mod_perl been a safe alternative in a multi-user environment, much of today's PHP marketshare would be eaten up by frameworks like Mason.

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