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Comment Re; Unions / Associations - take action! (Score 1) 710

There is a problem in this country..

I go to Nashua, NH, around the Oracle and other labs residential areas, and there are basically nothing but H1B Indians all over. Go to Herndon, VA (another tech hub), same thing, go up and down the office parking garages, streets, and basically nothing but H1B Indians all over again. Americans are virtually nowhere to be seen..

I talk to my university placement officer of a top 25 US business and tech school, and he says that he cannot place half of his new grads..

Tech salaries are falling year by year, even though there is this 'supposed' shortage..!
It is a fraud, there is no shortage. The recession for the middle class tech people would have ended 5 years ago if it wasn't for H1B. We'd all have permanent good jobs, with high salaries, strong benefits and good vacation, with respect from management..if it wasn't for H1B. Apparently 1 out of 2 new tech jobs in this country now goes to an H1B, while there are millions of high educated Americans out of work or underemployed in 'junk-jobs' and tempwork.

Campaign money by large employers are corrupting the law and steal money from regular middle class educated Americans as long as this continues.

It is NOT racism to say that this is wrong.. !

There probably is not much that can be done about offshoring, but 'fake shortage' H1B is happening right here in this country. We are being rubbed out, and being replaced.. in our own country! It *CAN* and *SHOULD* be stopped...now!, if we rise up..

Why don't we take action?. Maybe not a union like the Teamsters, but Lawyers have a union (the American Bar Association), Doctors do (you need to be 'licensed' to practice..that is just like a union..). How about we all wear our Guy Fawks masks(so we can still keep our jobs the next day..those of us that have jobs anyways..) and have a day of protest in tech parks across the country this summer, in front of senate and representatives district offices all over the country.

Be loud, be vocal, like those French unions do. Be disruptive to company bottom lines. Protest in front of their clients when they contract out to firms that use H1B, like those Anti-Abortionist and NRA people do, make the companies feel pain so this changes!.

We don't have to do nothing... If we unite and make disruption enough that it costs more to companies to not listen to us...then they will listen to us, and stop doing things like 'fake shortage' H1B that destroy the middle class.

Comment Consciousness - right track / wrong track (Score 2, Interesting) 291

-interesting article..

I often think about this, and the result is more questions, which if answered experimentally, might tell us a lot more about how 'consciousness works in the brain'


1)How long is 'now'. When you say the word 'hello', as you utter out 'o', is 'he' already a memory like the sentence uttered just before? (it seems to me not.. that 'now' is about 1/2 a second, and other things are in the past, and no longer consciously connected'. Similarly, a series of clicks (ie. via a computer) produced on a speaker, as they become more rapid, appears to become a 'tone' around 1/2 a second or quarter of a second or so...entering 'now'. It is as if, consciousness, has a 4th dimension (time) aspect to it, and to have consciousness, you need to span time a bit (in addition to the 3 physical dimensions of your brain).

Same goes for seeing a 'running man' on the road. It looks like movement, because what you saw a moment before, still seems like now, so a leg has a direction (forwards, backwards), as you see it move, remembering just the frame before.

2)What is red? What would need to be changed in your brain for anything in your field of view seen as red to appear as blue? Researching this, would tell us again, how the physical connects to the conscious. Then, what needs to be altered in brain memory (ie. physically), for a red box, to be recalled as a blue box. once we knew how to do this, we would be a long way to again understanding the connection to consciousness.

3)quantum mechanics (which is a principle widely believed that our brains operate under), talk about spooky action at a distance, and other interesting effects. Is it possible that quantum effects could also allow our brains to span processing across time? (even if it is just a second). Ie, again, when you hear the word hello, as you are hearing 'o', you are still aware of the letter h, not by recalling into memory, but your brain when it hears 'o', is still connected to the brain that heard 'h', a moment before (so processing is in 4D, not 3d). If brains could do this, it would be immensely powerful processingwise, and 'consciousness' may be just a side effect of that 4d processing.

My feeling is that consciousness is somehow related to being able to span time. We know brains are 3D. But maybe they are 'wide' in the 4th diminsion as well, which is why 'now' seems to take a large dicrete amount of time.

Just my thoughts, but trying to answer the above questions experimentally, I think would lead us a lot closer to what 'consciousness' is and how it connects to the physical brain.

Comment Not going to work.. (Score 0) 236

The brain is not an electrical based computing system, it is a quantum based computing system. That is how the 'connect' between the physical world and the 'thought/mind' world is made.

So any artificial silicon 'brain' will have have to behave appropriately (ie. quantumly) for such a 'simulation' (or any 'thought' based computation) to work or at least yield any meaningful results..

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