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Comment Yeah right (Score 1) 83

Problem I'm having with microsoft these days is that they do things that make you go 'yay that's really good' then you wonder for how long. Its just another carrot on a string to attract foolish developers over only to be forced one day later to have to adapt to some microsoft propriatery way of doing it to sap money out of you.

Comment I want it to use more memory. (Score 1) 213

The thing that seems to be slowing down firefox more than anything for me is the bookmarks toolbar at the top. I love my bookmarks toolbar but as it get filled up with more and more links it really bogs down Firefox. If you right click on one of you links in the horizontal bookmarks bar at the top > properties > delete the name = nice simple icon in the bookmark bar. I've go nearly 50 of them now running along the top of firefox and its just sooo handy but you feel it when it comes to performance. This needs heavy optimization imo.

Comment The days before fans (Score 1) 467

I had a Commodore 64 and an Amiga, both totally fanless systems. Although the Amiga 2000 and on came in tower cases which would have been good for cooling compared to a keyboard computer. It was either the 386 or the 486 that introduced the need for fans with their turbo modes, then everything just went downhill :p

Comment Listening to Intel (Score 1) 106

I remember Intel trying to tell us that you improve the efficiency of a computer my making it run harder to complete tasks faster. They love to rewrite logic using words that happen to sound like there filling some sort of gap. Truth is Moores law has only been about increasing transister density, nothing else. Optimizing architectural changes has nothing to do with it, Intelies again.

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