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Comment Re:Below Germany? (Score 2) 221

They don't have active filters. However a judge can order a server to be taken off the internet if the hosted contet violates certain laws. If the server is in another country they try to talk to that government with mixed success. Most nazi sites are hosted in the US for a reason. And those are accessible, so no filtering.

Comment Re:Overregulation (Score 1) 635

Besides, anyone who has played sim city knows that nuclear is much cheaper.

Once I used only wind to generate all my power. Advantage is that they don't have to be replaced every 20 years or so. Also, one of my nuclear plants exploded and I had lots of radioactive symbols in my city. Also the microwave plant was the coolest looking.

Comment Test PC? (Score 2, Interesting) 17

This looks like a test PC. Hardware vendors ship their newest products to big software companies so they can play around with it, check performance, etc. I'm guessing some product manager got one, used it for a couple of weeks to test Win7+Office. Then he/she got a newer model, so he/she gave the old one away in this contest and forgot to wipe the hard drive. So keep the Key. Maybe it's an internal debug key you can use forever on any machine...

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 2, Interesting) 494

Agreed, it's more efficient than older designs, but their basic flaw is still there: After a certain trip length it requires more energy to move the batteries+cables+motor than the batteries are able to hold. So no batteries at all will always be more efficient. So unless you have trouble making a short trip on a bike I see no reason for anyone to by one. ergo, not year of the e-bike.

Comment What's the point? (Score 2, Interesting) 494

I do bike a lot, but I don't get the point of those e-bikes (except for old people maybe). I'd like to have additional power on long tours but for those these batteries are just additional weight for most of the trip, which you'll feel when going uphill. City trips (less than 20 km) shouldn't wear out a healthy person, so no good point having them there. My bike is 10 kg now and I still think it's too heavy. I don't see a very big market for them. Also, more parts means more things can break.

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