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Journal Journal: [5.] My last blog entry; see why below (19.05.2006)

As mentioned above in the entry's title, this is the very last "blog entry" posted on this blog ...

It's simply because so far this particular blog hasn't get as much traffic as I imagine (here's the main-link to it:

P.S. -- Anyway, here is a link to my site's "intro.html" page:, where links to all my other blogs are nicely listed just below the huge horizontal "Google AdSense" banner.

Best regards, Ivan Tadej

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Journal Journal: [4.] The AdSense code added to my site (12.05.2006)

In today's blog-entry, I am just announcing that I've finally registred a Google AdSense account and put the AdSense code to the three of my six home-site's variants ...

So here are again two links to two my main-variant site's pages, hosted on my dial-up ISP's server: (opens the "index.html" page), (the "intro.html" page, opens after 38 seconds); the site is a personal one, and is about various computing-related stuff, written in XHTML and being W3C-valid. But note that it's valid only "locally" in the original form (as it is stored on my hard-disk), because the code that some of the free-hosts add unfortunately screws the otherwise valid syntax.

For the AdSense related "events-entry" and for various other site-related changes and stuff, please see my site's "events" pages: (currently the last one), (the first/initial one); you see, it's that each site's update-schedule contain many minor and also major revisions to the site's code, since I learn so many new things almost every day.

Anyway, I rather don't even try to think about how much money I would've earn so far, if I would have put these AdSense ads on my home-sites two or three years ago. However, I really thought that it is not even possible to use the AdSense service with these types of free-hosts that I am using to host my sites, ghrrrrrrr.

P.S. -- And soon after that, I've also registered an account at the Senserely Yours site:; it's a so-called "ad revenue sharing community", which enables you to earn even more money with your AdSense account. Of course, this is completely legal and allowed by Google; for further info see these two links: (a page titled " How does it work? "), (a page titled " Is this legitimate ? ")

While here are also two links to: (my member-page), (my blog-page)

Best regards, Ivan Tadej

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Journal Journal: [3.] I got my first USB flash-drive (2.05.2006)

In today's blog-entry, I am just further describing what is already obvious from the entry's title. Note however that this entry is posted with a 2-days delay (because I needed to translate it first), compare to my Slovenian blog: hosted on my dial-up ISP's blog ...

Well, the USB drive was given to me by my mother; she got it as a gift and since she doesn't have a computer at home (only at the job), she don't actually need it. In particular, it's a so-called USB2.0 flash-drive with an official name JetFlash, TS256MJF2B, sn: 126465-0608 with capacity of 256 MBs. On the envelopment it also says that it has the following properties: "Ultra-Speed function", "Boot-Up function", "PC-Lock function", "Recovery function", "Security function" (password-protection), and "Data retention: up to 10 years ", "Erase cycles: >100.000 times ".

So because of those last two specifications mentioned above ("10 years", and on the other hand only "100.000 erase-cycles"), I've started to wonder the folowing. Do people in general use it for backing-up things; meaning for back-ups of more or less small things, which are too big for a 3.5 floppy, and too small for a common 700 MB CD-ROM, or for more or less "static" storing of collection of programs and stuff things on it (for instance for a so-called "malware-cleaning/removal toolkit" etc.)

You see, it's that I would like for this device to work as long as possible. So in my case, non-stop backing-up of things somehow doesn't "fit into the picture", since this is in my opinion much too stressful for the USB drive itself (i.e. because that way it would be constantly used/written-to)

So again, I am curious, how do you folks generally use it et cetera, so any experiences from your site are rather desired (of course, only if you actually own one); so please, comments are more than welcomed.

Regards, Ivan Tadej
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Journal Journal: [2.] Converting my site into XHTML (2.04.2006)

Yes, finally I've "converted" my home-site into a valid XHTML 1.0: (direct), (redirect)

For details about the procedure and the problems with this process, see the " Converting HTML documents into XHTML ... " topic: (I highly recommend the reading), that I've opened on ArsTechnica forums about this.

P.S., For various other home-site's changes and other stuff, see the: dokument on my home-site linked above.

Regards, Ivan Tadej
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Journal Journal: [1.] My absolutely first "blog entry" (22.03.2006)

This is my absolutely first "blog entry" here on Slashdot site ...

Well as first, let me say that my hobby is currently related to everything that has anything to do with computing in general, including basic programming and scripting, custumizing OS etc., so for a somehow more or less computing-related blog (it's in English language), please see my home-site:, while I particularly suggest you to look around the events pages: (this one is the first one in a "row")

Further, here is a link to my first "blog" in the slovenian language on my ISP's Volja site: (the main/front page), (the link to front page), and then the first of my blogs in English; first the one that I've opened on Kuro5hin site: (a direct link to my blog), (a direct link to my blog), then the second one on the Spread Firefox site: (the front page), (a direct link to blog page), then on Techrepublic:, a blog on CastleCops site: (a link to the front page), while here is a link to the first blog entry: (/note: I was kindly offerred if I would like to have my own "real" CastleCops blog, while this type of blog is meant only for the CastleCops "staff", and I am not yet a member of this "group", since I am only a "1st Responder Trainee". Anyway, here is a link to it: I am posting them so that you can see what was going on before I opened a blog also here on the Slashdot site.

And finally a few words about me. As mentioned, I am currently more or less obsessed with just about everything related to computing in general, however on the other hand, I also worship the weed/herb (and smoke it, lol), I like going to nature, walking, stalking, sleeping, I love fairy-tales, mystics, music, movies and series (South Park, Dilbert, Futurama, Simpsons and so on), then I enjoy browsing the World Wide Web (mostly news and techy sites, forums etc.), listen to Alex Jones's talk-show about conspiracy theories and stuff. I am unemployed at the moment, but I could say that "avoiding the jobs" has become a sort of hobby of mine. I also like meeting with my friends, occasionally going to rave parties, enjoying my home-town and coast in summer here in Slovenija and various other things. That's all for today.

Regards, Ivan Tadej, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

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