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Comment Need to fix the multiple cortana instance issue! (Score 3, Interesting) 65

Right now, Cortana is annoying in many ways. But a specific way that this is make worse is that she answers on all devices in earshot. So if you have an xbox, pc, and phone running cortana and say "Hey Cortana" it answers on all three and tries to take actions on all three... very annoying.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 376

I have one and I love it! Granted I do a ton with the pen to diagram concepts and structures. If you didn't use the pen part then it's prob not a good fit for most people. Crap, so since my experience is different than yours does that mean I'm a shrill? Is there like a registry or something I need to sign into now?

Comment I own Xbox one and a PS4 & various mobile devi (Score 4, Interesting) 140

My xbone gets the most use out of my gaming devices. Partially because of the games, but also because it actually makes a surprisingly good streaming hub also as a window 10 OS it in theory could get apps and other neat things from windows.

Media Stuff:
I use Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and various other premium channel apps (HBO, CW, etc). While the ps4 does many of those, I have to open each app and hunt for the shows I want. the xbone lets me do a search via voice and then asks what app to open the show in. Way more convenient. The xbox also does live TV and has tv guide and all that stuff. Basically, it replaces the features of a smart TV+

Game specific stuff:
Exclusive wise, Sony still has an edge, but it's pretty small. That's when I typically use my ps4. Quantum Break is good, but short. Tomb Raider is amazing, but will likely be coming to PS4 in the next year. I'm also a bit a halo fanboy, so that helps.
Both consoles give free games each month if you have their premium account thing.
Xbox one however has backwards compatibility with a bunch of 360 games, so I'm using that a lot as well.

Other Stuff:
You can also use the xbox as a miracast receiver, which I use fairly often and works well. Granted you can get a standalone receiver for WAY cheaper, so don't buy it for that.
I loved xbox fitness, but they are killing it... Still a bit frustrated at that.
Xbox can be targeted with universal windows app, since it's a windows 10 machine at the core. So the preview program has just started getting actual windows 10 apps on it. Which I'm very curious if that will be awesome or horrible; to early to tell.

Comment Re:Wait for the Shills (Score 1) 152

Heya! So I have a Surface Pro 3 (typing on it currently) and I use the dock everyday. I've not had many networking issues, but my bluetooth gets weird sometimes. It looks like it's the same chip so it could make sense how you might see those problems. I type constantly and have never had an issue with the keyboard (I have the hard one, not the touch cover) and I have never had any issues with the keyboard and the dock. I keep the keyboard plugged in and dock and un-dock maybe 20 times a day. Never once had an issue. Also, there is a light on the top of the right side of the sliding arm that shows when the power is working on the dock. I've had a few annoying issues with my surface, particularly with the very early firmware ( it should NOT take 3 firmware upgrades before the visual works correctly when docked) But it's amazing. I use the pen constantly for sketching ideas and designs, it's powerful enough to use light maya / photoshop / shiva / etc.I can work during take off and landing and don't need to remove it from my bag in security. I'm not a shill, it's just awesome for me.

Comment Re:Many users won't be back (Score 1) 516

As one of the 6 users of a Windows Phone. My brand new Nokia can connect to Microsoft's Cloud, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and pretty much any cloud I want to. They are also far more open of an ecosystem than my iPhone was (though less than my webOS phones were) While, I agree that microsoft wants to make money on the cloud I haven't seen anything lately that would lead me to believe they would be doing it at the forced exclusion or other companies services. They seem to be a very different company than they were... Maybe they are finally going to compete on quality instead of market abuse.

Comment But your honor! (Score 3, Interesting) 562

But your honor, I only pulled the trigger for 1 second, 2 tops! While the fine seems FREAKING large I can appreciate that it was tied directly too a purpose. i.e. the amount paid to hire someone to secure the site. But I feel attaching it to the actual value lost (5k) would have been more fair, maybe with a bit extra to be punitive? I imagine that if they caught more people the fine would have been spread out among them? But I don't understand why intent to do harm would in any way be lessened because "I only did the bad thing for a short period of time."

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