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Comment Re: Latvian laws: "fair use" not addressed in text (Score 1) 289

to clarify your concern about open format: the official mean of publication of law is in paper format (comes tree times a week, costs about a beer) and on internet (html markup and pdf. free of charge and on searchable web page)
the english translation is posted on that page along with the official, latvian text, and is translated rather well.

actually the more or less "fair use" is built in section 19. but i haven't studied what it means exactly in other countries, that use the exact phrase, so i can't offer more insightful comment.

Comment Re:Oh I just love (Score 1) 475

because virtually no office, shop, or business depends on natural light anymore. Ever since artificial lighting became the norm, the scheme only "benefits" people of the latter group who support the former group, such as banks.
depends? no, but still there is reason to use it, if you think about it.

I work in smallish light industry plant, and we have approximately 180 fluorescent lights running all the time. at approx 108 watts per fixture it comes to about 19 kilowatts (or some 80A) power draw.

A factory i visited had lots of big skylights (basically 3mx2m polycarbonate sheets) and we worked for whole week without turning electrical lighting on at all, as lighting was adequate for the work.

As a slashdot reader, i can imagine, You can understand the benifits of using solar energy directly, instead of converting it in plants-animals-fossil-generators-lighting fixtures chain.

Comment hand-eye (Score 1) 338

lego. the hardware version.
don't make your kid sit and stare at one point (screen) sitting in one pose (chair). it's bad for health.

there is nothing really to fall behind. we all learned, how to use keyboard and mouse at much later age. he still wont be able to blind type for a while (hands too small) and mastering mouse for 6 year old takes minutes, while 3y.o. will struggle due to mouse size compared to hand size.

i am also sure, that for understanding algorhytmic thinking, there are ways outside the limiting screen.

Comment Re:Results? (Score 1) 82

If you refer to the third option as "solaris" kind of contact, then You might want to reread the book.

There wasn't even clear agreement if ocean realised, what it was, that it was interacting with.

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