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Comment In Brazil (Score 1) 519

There will be a mass migration soon. That's what happened with Orkut (that only had succes here). The mass market (read the lower classes), with their new PCs bought thanks to the lower taxes, started to hang around Orkut, forcing the cool kids to move to Facebook. Now the mass is going to FB, so soon, the cool kids around here will jump in the + wagon.

Submission + - Wordpress alternative for comment-heavy posts

tacensi writes: I have a website with a WordPress install on a shared server, with 390,000 visits and 1,150,000 page views monthly. The blog is uptaded 3 times daily, Monday thru Saturday and just one in Sundays. Each post is getting 300+ comments, and the Sunday one, 600. There was a day when I had 900 comments on a single post. In fact, the users are using the blog as a forum, but I tried to change and they did not accept the forum way. The ISP is complaining that I'm using too many resources, slowing down other shared users. I migrated temporarily to a private server. It seems that the large number of comments is consuming a lot of resources. I wonder if there is a CMS / Blog platform that can handle this quantity of comments better than WordPress. What slahdotters would recommend?

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