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Comment something is not right (Score 1) 548

as "unplublic" as trump there is no way the logs of any of his servers would be accessible to computer scientist and i would not truest a packet sniffer on the public internet even if it was the next hop off of tumps private LAN. so this story seems fishy and people not call it out is odd two.

Comment Re:Untrusted sources (Score 1) 52

html and xml Broken? really? come on both are really solid for what they are built for (reconstruction of a website on a client computer) mine you they where never designed to be secure but thought other tech (ssl and certs) it was able to live with in a security minded world. but i am also excluding plugin's like flash and java.

Comment Simply Linux has no future (Score 1) 242

Basically the idea of freedom in the o.s. Is dead because we build Linux as programmers not thinking about ease of use or support, we tree and split the code base between every flavor of Linux yet the code is tied to a disbusion then we fight over every little stupid thing unless there is agreement Linux is a failure as a network admin I want a turn key system that I plug a IP address in do some basic tranning with my staff and logs everything so I can watch it as it works away addressing things as they come up and is supported by staff of the product.

Comment the law does not apply (Score 1) 247

"The Law" does not apply because a law is only effective if you have someone who can dispense punishment or gives the "fear of god" to the person who is willing to test the limits (parent v.s. child) but in this case who is the "boss" of the "government" people may say that the general public is the "boss" but the public only has the ability to forfeit power every 2 to 4 years depending on the "post" held by the "offical" and there are even "untouchable" staff that are not elected so they fear nothing really... so in truth that's why the government has the ability to do what it wants also the courts are really a reactive "clean up the mess" after the fact and has no direct effect on who is "in power" (they can't be removed from power by the court). am i even close to the right train of thought?

Comment Mobile data (Score 1) 204

hi, what is the deal with mobile data cost? why is it so high? what is the difference from say a Houses land based Internet? why do you accept the cap as a user? is the money they bill you going back into the network or jest invested into the next major "G" number (3G,4G,5G and ect.?)

Comment Re:Right (Score 3, Informative) 128

AMD really it was about tightening up communication's between the C.P.U. and ram by having the Memory controller on die (L2 Cache level of the 2nd core of the am2 athlon x2 processor but it must have been there before that because of the single core processors before dull core became a thing.) so it could effect amd computers back to 2005 ish. does that even sound right?

Comment Vm's (Score 1) 384

not really, what your really talking about is "doing the right thing". what i mean is that a short cut would be to connect everything to a network and basically brake the security of the Air Gap, also your idea may fail because the VM software will have to do Time Sharing with the limited cores of your laptop. witch at time may make some vm machines look like they are Frozen. and also Even Ram maybe a issue two. but good luck anyways.

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