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Comment Re:They should have concentrated on desktop (Score 2) 45

QML is just a layout description language, sort of like a much better implementation of Android's layouts. It has a tiny bit of smarts, so you can write simple applications just in QML, but the general way it's used is that C++ code loads the QML layout, then selects and manipulates widgets within the layout (again, like a much saner reimplementation of Android's UI approach).

Comment Re:One good thing about Windows 10 default setting (Score 1) 515

Take a look at duplicity -- it's what I use for backups. It's built on top of rsync, but with a lot more intelligence layered on top. It supports full and differential backups (with a sane default strategy), and can place backups in many places (another directory, another machine via ssh, another machine via rsync, ftp, Amazon S3, etc.).

Comment Re:Spam stems from lack of negative feedback (Score 1) 114

I suspect that most SMTP servers already implement rate-limiting for everyone, everywhere.

The GP's objection was that you are vastly underestimating the number of nodes that a spammer can connect to. When he has a million upstream SMTP servers, it doesn't matter if he's rate-limited to one email an hour by each of them; he's still sending a million emails an hour.

Comment Re:your opinion is worthless (Score 1) 310

You are misunderstanding the author's point, which is (roughly): "If there were a rock out in space with the same albedo as Earth (with atmosphere), it would be colder than Earth." That is all they are saying.

You are correct in that if they were interested in the temperature of Earth without atmosphere, then the provided albedo would be wrong. However, that's not what they're interested in. They are only trying to show that a purely albedo/black-body model is insufficient.

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