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Comment Re:Govt. wants ISPs to snoop you too (Score 1) 782

You are paying for the use of the ISP's network. You have a right to expect privacy. I doubt you are paying to use the companies resources. If you are paying to use your company's resources, then you both have a reason to expect privacy, and you work for a lousy organization. If you aren't paying for using company resources... Then, you really don't have an argument.

Comment Re:Your employer owns their own systems, dont they (Score 1) 782

I'm glad a few people have some common sense. It is just insane hearing all this whining about not being able to use the companies resources without being monitored. Seriously it drives me crazy. You aren't paying for the bandwidth. The increased bandwidth usage and reduced speed isn't costing you money. You aren't losing money when you get pwned by visiting some shady site, again costing the company money in incident response, and possible exfiltration. It is just ludicrous to think you have any entitlement to use any company resources for personal use. Most companies allow this, but it should never be expected. The resources are purchased for conducting business, not serving your personal needs./nBTW. Don't plan on using the Opera Mini Browser for the iphone, if this bothers you. All YOUR traffic is proxied through Opera's proxy servers, ssl connections are terminated there, leaving all your data open to Opera. Now this is something that is worth an uproar.

Comment Harden and Patch (Score 1) 123

I would start out by choosing a very minimal linux distribution. Install the minimal build of CentOS, Ubuntu Server, etc. Don't install a GUI or any unneeded packages. Install only the base, and SSH. You can install what you need after that. You could visit CIS(http://www.cisecurity.org/) and download a benchmark to use for hardening your Linux system. They have benchmarks that can be used for basic Linux hardening (most distributions are covered, and even if not, the same practices apply across the board). Then you can also run through the CIS benchmark for the Web server/DNS/etc. itself. Hardening doesn't solve your problems, but it does reduce your attack footprint, and then it is up to you to be vigilant on patching what you do have facing the internet. Use iptables or another host based firewall to block off everything that should not be receiving traffic from the outside. Then I would use OSSEC (http://www.ossec.net/) to monitor for system changes, and monitor your logs. OSSEC is an excellent program and extremely useful. At the end of the day, you'll learn a lot through while applying the benchmarks (I advise creating a script to automate for future servers), but it comes down to hardening, patching (OS, Server(s), and CMS), and monitoring.

Hikers May Have Found Fossett Items 219

An Anonymous reader writes "CNN is reporting 'A weathered sweat shirt, cash and a pilot license with Fossett's name were found Tuesday near Mammoth Lakes, police Chief Randy Schienle said.' The license did not have a photo. '"We're not certain that it belongs to Steve Fossett, but it certainly has his name on the ID," Schienle said.'"

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