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Comment Met / Trp (Score 1) 286

The start codon for protein assembly - all proteins, everywhere - specifies that methionine is the first amino acid in the chain. And as someone else pointed out, Trp is a precursor for serotonin. These are two pretty important molecules, and toying with their ambient levels doesn't sound like such a great idea to me, the average idiot on the street.

Comment Re:Jocks win wars? (Score 2) 401

Militaries have always had champions of the smash-mouth, "Wherever the enemy be, let us go there and fight him" style of direct confrontation that gets the troops' blood flowing. But it's equally true that there have been many great strategic generals and commanders, and I'm not certain that people appreciate the strategy that was present even in the early days of martial conflict. After all, the Romans had their full complement well-armed, able-bodied jocks at Cannae, and Hannibal annihilated them by tricking them, and using against them their 'jockish' instincts of constant attack. Generals more disposed to defensive tactics, or deception, rather than a straight-out brawl were often looked down upon by outsiders and sometimes by their own troops i.e. Fabius - but they won.

Comment What about the Dictionary app in OS X? (Score 1) 259

You can look up the word 'shit' in the Dictionary app and it not only returns the definition but also several useful examples of speech including 'to get one's shit together'. I don't remember what other unsavory words I've looked up there, but I'm pretty sure there were a number of them. How, exactly, is this Ninjawords thing any different? Is the Dictionary app just a database of Merriam-Webster or something?

Comment What's old is new again (Score 1) 358

Does anyone remember back in the mid-80s that CompuServe had an almost identical thing - it wasn't 3D, but it had 2D bobble-head cartoon representations of dial-up users that were also called Avatars, and you could interact with them in an online world etc. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, but I remember using my friend Bill's Commodore 64 to talk to (ostensible) girls while we listened to Ozzy Osbourne tapes.

Sigh. Good old C64.

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