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Comment Re:Auto Elevation (Score 1) 58

Actually, he's wrong. The soft limit was 260 and now the OS removing the limit in some builtin applications bringing it back to the native limit which is around 32700 characters (you can test 7-zip, for example, in windows 7: it won't have the soft limit).
The 4095 limit he's talking about is actually linux's.

Comment Re:No more Linux Clients (Score 2) 277

As far as I can tell, this Ubuntu on Windows is completely useless for me because (unlike Cygwin) the environment does not have access to the full filesystem of the Windows boxes.

It does although there are some gotchas with regards to permissions (same with cygwin). And the next version will let wsl interact with windows binaries.

Comment Re:Meter definition (Score 1) 278

The reference value is actually 1/c seconds. You only ever need it if you're doing math with the speed of light and the complexity is either there already or it makes it easy to co-relate with other c terms in equations. It's actually much simpler than using inches.... Try it.

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