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Comment Re:Simply put... (Score 1) 250

So who is everyone gonna vote for? The USA, like a few other "democracies" (yes UK I'm looking at you), has a system where elections are basically choices between 2 parties (Ignore the "Coalition" crap in Britain currently, the so-called coalition is basically Conservative with LibDem trimmings on the side). In the USA, if you are told you can't vote Rep or Dem, most people just won't vote for anyone. And you'll end up with a Rep or Dem government anyway.

Comment Re:Conspiracy or not (Score 4, Informative) 250

Sweden initially told the USA that TPB weren't actually breaking the law. It was only after much being leaned on and loudly whispered at that Sweden suddenly discovered that, oh my gosh, TPB really were breaking the law after all. There's a lot of stuff going on under the table between the USA and Sweden.

Comment Re:Conspiracy or not (Score 2) 250

It's beyond stupid to suggest that Sweden paid Cambodia for TPB admin. Why would they do that? It's not personal. And this is Cambodia we're talking about. There would be no need to pay $40 million to the whole government, just a little to one or two people with connections to immigration office.

OMFG you think this isn't personal?!! I suppose all the Assange-hating isn't personal either.

Comment Re:I'm with Opera on this (Score 1) 315

As should all browsers, right? After all, the web is a seething mess of pr0n and should be legislated out of existence...

And what about all the libraries, book stores and newspaper stands? They're full of filth too. Maybe the best bet is to remove childrens's eyes and ears, then they can't be "corrupted". FFS...

Comment Re:Whoooops (Score 0) 365

But this isn't evidence that Beas was using her phone at the time of the accident. It shows that Beas used her phone at the same time as the 911 call - which obviously was after the accident.

Updating her Facebook status instead of dialling 911 is a mite cold. But is it illegal?

Comment Re:Hrmm... (Score 1) 426

I think part of the difference is that much of the things that happened with the church were the work of individuals. However, the church entity did try to conceal the abuses.

When a pedophile priest committed his first, undetected sex crimes, he was acting as an individual and the church bore no responsibility.

However, when the church found out what the guy was up to, and instead of calling the police it just moved him to a different location where he could indulge himself with other children, the church (IMHO at least) bore direct responsibility, and the bishops/cardinals/popes involved should be charged with aiding and abetting. What else can you call it when senior clergy knowingly place children into the care of a child molester?

Comment Re:Image (Score 1) 166

I don't see why not. The internet going down would cause planes to fall from the sky, and (OMG) Facebook and (OMG) Twitter would stop working. So floods would be the least of our problems. Well, the least of your problems - I live on a hill/in a boat/something.

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