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Comment Re:"Run everywhere" (Score 1) 587

We've been using java quite deeply on a project. We never tested it on any other platform than Ubuntu linux and Windows XP, and I can tell you never had any problem with our application. We just took seriously the notes in the documentation speaking about usage of the classes and cross-platform programming concerns. Java is not perfect but has its advantages.

Comment Re:Be Proactive (Score 1) 374

I think the original poster will have a very difficult time, if not impossible time, getting into the field in anything other than the lowest, least skilled position (with commensurate pay). Just knowing C++ is not enough to break into the field in a few months.

I think in general the post is true. If you cannot have the luxury to work all day on something relevant about the field, you cannot be prepared for a real job in months or a year.

Comment Bad calculation (Score 1) 214

In general i like AMD better, but these comparisons are usually wrong! If you upgrade your engine in your car and get +20% horsepower, are your car really 20% better?

Please notice that your computer is not just a processor, so when measuring performance of the processor/dollar then please use the performance/whole-machine formula instead.

However if you use your machine for io-intensive tasks, the question is bad for you. Anyways this way of calculating is simply not correct. If you are a quantum-mech scientist maybe... even my eclipse building my java code eats the hdd not cpu.

Comment Re:Ring of Fire (Score 1) 242

actually i had an abit nf-7 mobo some times ago and my friend had too. he trashed his bios and i restored it by booting his machine with my bios eeprom installed then switched the eeprom in the running machine to the bad and uploaded the bios successfully.

Comment Re:Some of you need to get over it (Score 1) 883

I think wind and solar NOW is not making money. It is too expensive and others are developing it. When it becomes cheaper, the biggest companies start to mass-produce it and kill the smalls that developed them. Not fair. Maybe i could say who cares. People get the tech and clean energy some day. That's what Shell wants.

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