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Comment What we all already know... (Score 2) 91

Games have never been the problem. The number of shootings, bombings etc in a country doesn't grow proportionally to the number of people exposed to violent video games. They grow based on the culture of the country in which they occur in. The US has a particularly high number (overall and per capita), but countries with similar living conditions have almost none.

Russia has always had a problem with terrorists and various ethnic groups. Anyone blaming a game for something like this is desperately grasping for straws and hits.

Comment Re:Good to see game developers put their foot down (Score 1) 277

Complete bullshit. So long as you're over 18, you can buy knives from a supermarket or any number of knife stores no questions asked. There are of course even shops that deal solely with combat knives, hunting knives, even sacrificial ceremonial knives - none of which require an sort of registration or reason required whatsoever.

Comment The Future of Gaming (Score 4, Interesting) 86

If there is something that humans find inherently addictive about gaming, health companies should tap into that to provide something which humans both need and desire: fitness.

If you ask around, a lot of people *want* to be fit but they have lots of convenient excuses as to why they're not. People want to look good and a lot of people are even willing to put up with the inconvenience of exercise and physical exertion - they just don't have the time.

Being able to introduce a method of exercise that is genuinely fun for all and doesn't require extra time on top of our daily activities, as long as it's done sensibly and cleverly, could be a crucial step towards reducing obesity.

Comment You know... (Score 1) 269

These guys could *actually* have been terrorists. Did Nokia Navigator commission them to photograph and document Indian military installations?

It's good to see that India isn't taking any chances. Imagine the outcry if a terrorist attack occurred, and it was later revealed India knew the attackers were documenting military installations and major roads but did nothing about it.

At this point in time, India is NOT the place to be testing the limits of political correctness.

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