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Comment Re:Fountain (Score 1) 552

Notice of revocation It has come to the notice of the geek-police that you have violated the terms of your parole from real life on the following counts 1. Complying with directives of alleged wife 2. Abusing your technical skills in (a) Home improvement - cleaning category (b) Home improvement - construction category (c) Home improvement - interiors category 3. Idle appreciation of Rocks in water You are hereby directed by competent authority to hand in your geek card immediately and go back out to the asylum that wonko the sane lives outside. To protect and serve

Submission + - The Courage-Centric Corporation

jamesrayge writes: Today's corporation, having survived countless threats from the markets of the past, now faces perhaps its greatest challenge ever, simply trying to face its customers. Becoming a customer-centric company requires a great deal of executive courage — there is no other word for it. ve/2007/05/29/the-courage-centric-corporation.aspx

Submission + - Michael Geist Sued for Defamatory Blogroll

An anonymous reader writes: Michael Geist, the well known Canadian law prof and columnist, is apparently being sued for a defamatory blogroll. The suit apparently claims that Geist should be considered the publisher of a libel because his site includes a blogroll that links to a site that in turn links to a site that contains some allegedly defamatory third party comments. At this rate, Slashdot will presumably be sued for linking to Geist who links to a site that links to site that may contain a defamatory comment.

Submission + - 10 MPH Movie Out Today - Segway Across America

Terry Ute writes: 10 MPH, the documentary film about a Segway crossing the USA is now available worldwide on DVD. The story is based on a quirky, slow road trip, and digs deep into self transformation and the search for the thing one is supposed to do in life. Two aspiring filmmakers quit their soul-sucking cubicle jobs and set out on the 100-day, 4000-mile Segway journey across the USA. The film is available at Netflix,, and as an iTunes compatible download on the film's official website.
United States

Submission + - Russia tests "penetrating" ICBM

Adambomb writes: The International Herald and others have reported that Russia has tested a new ICBM specifically designed to trump anti-missile systems. Perspectives may vary depending on individual political experience, but definitely food for thought.

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