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Comment HP Laserjet 1100 (Score 1) 310

Bought a HP Laserjet 1100 When I entered college back in 1998. The thing is still kicking today (even though I had to buy a parallel port card for my newest MB). I've printed out thousands and thousands of pages, and replaced the toner cartridges ...twice? maybe three times? What it cost me up front has MORE than made up for the costs of the toner compared to an inkjet.

Comment Re:Went to the movies last night (Score 1) 381

The Alamo Drafthouse (San Antonio/Austin areas) has been doing his for years. They don't have the over 21 thing, but they have the eating, dining, beer, and even when me and my wife went to watch Toy Story 3, the kids were well behaved because the parents wanted this atmosphere too!

Comment Re:The mark of good games... (Score 2, Insightful) 164

I sense exaggeration. There are what, perhaps 20-25 games that could still be considered just as good today (if that many)? There were what, just under 800 games published in the US for the NES? Small sample selection. Same thing goes for the Xbox, PS2, SNES, etc. Huge libraries, few games that will last and last and last.

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