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Comment Re:Another Group! (Score 1) 233

I think American natives before Columbus are the result of clashing simultaneous migrations from Europe and Polynesia. Polynesia won. But the drive was Europeans, Caucasians, as we now call them. And the same happened in India, driving the big migration we now call Indoeuropean. Krishnas followed and fought by Rakshasas, Rakshasas eventually predominating, etc.

Comment Re:Unlikely (Score 1) 233

One point of view is that Jesus shows up when the previous Jesus is forgotten... But it is highly improbable that some anthropoid would decide to work on bones found as fossils rather than on more available materials... (though it would help explain the finding was actually found). One hypothesis does not preclude the other one. Hammer and anvil is already a very advanced tool usage compared to chipped stones and raw jaw bones with some teeth on it. I see it easier to admit Humans in America way beyond Clovis than to make other assumptions, it only moves the time horizon according to new findings even when theoretically we can think developed Humans many, many, many more thousands of years before than American dates. Until we find them...

Comment it was about greed? (Score 1) 158

Nope. Sanofi is SUSPICIOUS of buying substances produced by few or single companies, then change the products containing them to stop selling substances tested to work and substitute them with lower quality substances or any other not really suitable substitute, like to stop producing some chemical and swap to herb based treatments or ubiquitous substances like dimeticone. Why? Because those substances worked! And some people rather have them not work out of.... beliefs. One such example is anti-dandruff shampoo, which HAS become much less effective since Sanofi went into it. Epi pen could be a similar case. Epinefrine is sensitive: if we want to substitute epinefrine obtained from Human corpses to GMO epinefrine, who wants corpses and who does not want them? That is unclear but surely sources must be an issue. We want the WORKING substance, not an alternate non efficient substitute even if it is less expensive to produce.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple (Score 1) 272

Poor EPA Energy Star! Did they miss the continuous-current low-voltage control-electronics revolution? I would not change my consumer purchase decisions by the ES tag alone at all! It is only juice. It should become an intermediate goods matter not an end consumer matter. (associate the ES to a relative of one Dr Ruiz whom I saw standing outside one of the offices...). No harm done.

Comment Re:What's really sad here... (Score 1) 729

I am _sure_ somewhere, the continuous practice of a field over a decade qualifies you implicitly as a practicant of the field, independently of your credentials! But the real problem is elsewhere... if the argument IS REAL and the conclusions are REAL and TRUE, your qualifications do not matter much and do not discredit the argument. Otherwise you just need a score of non-practicants disclosing real arguments to discredit the arguments even when exposed by real practicants! There s a model that places such qualifications in perspective, it is not absolutes but a way to diminish risks and other costs in evaluation future performance or workers.

Comment Re:Cause for concern (Score 1) 121

Add some electrode brain zapping if Player acts maliciously and you are done! But then software would have to assess if the route is malicious or not... though a few lobotomies as example for the other workers, I mean, Players, would be optimum to omit software assessment and force bona fide on the Gamers. [[Videogames]t->oo = [Work]t->oo = ...].

Comment Re:Becaue you aren't offering to do the work. (Score 1) 388

That is simplistic, half of Antiquity was self invited to Compute then decided they dislike Computing and its implications for their lifestyles. So their retaliation was to destabilize programmers and companies and convince them that bad some times is a good thing. Or, if you like it, Church does not like perfection but computer works aspire to be PER-FECT and programmers can boas of achieving PER-FECT works. But if you will have webmasters constantly monitoring to see if your usage particularly matches some criterion they can prey on, why risk an update? If you can see decades pass by and the same base errors ARE STILL THERE, why bother updating? If you found a pattern of usage that suits you but hostile programmers may completely obliterate your tools and force you into other manners, why try the new version? If you end up giving things for free to eventually **monetize**, why follow the please-the-market mechanisms? And worse of all: if you do suspect an interloped made it into the code base and you might see your efforts ruined by the next update... how do you protect your present installation? Windows is super example. Android shows the same problems Windows has always had. Even games get ruined with advanced new control interfaces and glitches/bugs/exploits while the basic algorithms are the same throughout the whole genre. Change one RNG you know into something well programmed and the game may dissappear altogether... Consider this discussion as a consequence of an undeclared or mediatized Cyber-war beyond online.

Comment Re:Hyoervisor (Score 1) 288

Very likely, in precisely those terms: analogy to booting up an OS, given brain receptors... but these people would not be confusing it with renamed schizophrenia, right? They ought to test without mixing Hindi and Humans and see what holds.... because otherwise Indians may claim they are already in a heightened state of consciousness and...

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