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Comment Re:Stupid analogy (Score 1) 266

Sorry, but performance bug is an euphemism for: the programmer has no idea what he is doing. It is one of the conditions for good programming, that the thing be computed efficiently, as efficiently as a good programmer can make it! If it is too slow, it is badly done! It is like saying we want buildings to stay upright! If the building implodes, it was badly constructed! Who wants to save whose neck on this one?

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 242

Real problem is people with patents do not seem to UNDERSTAND what it is all about: they treat patents as a restriction on production and consumption instead of a freeing of the market, given a structure of payments to internalize externalities and grant incentives and prizes to innovation and some times to production (in addition to benefits). Teach this to the people who are holding and handling patents and it will go better for all! It is not correct to say: I want to make this but it has a patent and cannot... The right thing to say is: I want to make this but it has a patent and I have to pay... This may require more negotiation that normally implied in Capitalist markets... A solution would be to require patent owners to NOT engage in production of its patent product but to franchise (or better chosen term) to a ... of producers the actual production for the market. This would leverage the complain: I cannot make a profit after patents because all production players would be paying more or less the same rights and the patent owner would not be competing against his own interests by offering the same product, at the level of production it alone can produce, without the cost of patent rights.

Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 413

In other words? Somehow the Universe functions... and computers somehow also function in a way that makes things function, so it is only natural to ask whether the way the Universe functions is similar to a computer functioning making it function... and it does seem to be a correct relation in terms of... well, in terms of relations between such constructions as what we call physics and what computers can do and how they do it. Yes, it is annoying (not upsetting), that people fell quickly into the Universe is a Simulation, because a point of view of Physics in terms of only information is desirable, and is even Standard! Speed of light arguments ARE arguments about information communication, as a general example... And entropy is a shared concept also. So it is no the Universal Simulation but the Universal Emulation and the thing emulated IS the emulator itself and can be treated in those terms up to some point... or deeply. That is the research due. Discussing this is complex, we give away too much in the implied semantic of common terms when the task is to define basic terms and avoid tautologies and logical vices. The Statement: there is no better model of X than X itself should be accepted as an Axiom and even a statement of Principle for this kind of disquisitions. Someone should start doing the math, in fact... 3:-{D3

Comment Re:Sounds about right (Score 1) 380

Aaah... but all these people bought the Chinese method and learnt what it means to want to be and live like they were Africans and now only live for their sband or disband making them even more miserable because they have the hope of living without voices at the expense of getting rid of babies, money, anything mentioned in their schizophrenia and basically all people who tune well to them, abstaining of places, eating bad food, wanting descerebration, wanting to know not wanting to know who is what name and whether they... AFTER, their expectation of having found something useful and life vital are broken because they were NOT the person they think and they got nothing off it but STILL lived it and will keep talking about it ... and with no end in sight because sband they do not understand means exactly the same as the killer of Phnom Penh but they believe it is like a movement and the best they can do is DENY IT ALL, SAY IT ALL BACKWARDS, SAY NO, DEFIND HUMAN AS REPTILE OR INSECT for reasons they do not understand and do not dare brake, hearing threats the whole day, etc. Do they still think about happiness? NO. Basically it seems all things giving happiness have been forbidden or are in the process of being denigrated and destroyed, including radio, TV, videogames, good coffee, clean beer... What did you expect? This comes after the Monitor announced Norway is the champion in happiness. If you cannot find info on the killer of Phnom Penh it is but an example of the atmosphere, lest people do understand what is sband...

Comment Re:Do security researchers trust those laptops? (Score 1) 82

But, new or stolen laptops? It is not the same... I am waiting for policemen to recover the ELEVEN laptops that have been stolen from me in the prime of their system life, (oh, one mummy, one baby and two in their second infancy). I wonder if any of these guys had anything to do with it...? Fluorescence? I do have some trouble from time to time with screen brightness as of lately.

Comment Re:Have fun with those Pwn points! (Score 1) 82

You are supposed to sell it in a malware, antivirus, computer health, application and fill people with lots of popups and aggressive advertisement in downloads and fringe sites so people with such problems... (?) Anyway, the real solution is patching or versioning the underlying software and that is something OEM vendors are supposed to do, not just any company.

Comment I have a right to be remembered also! (Score 1) 155

Which may be one reason so many people get here to write and even protect their pseudonyms and nicknames, or use their names. It would be much better to leave it as it is: one individual vs another individual on case by case as a civil matter. Why? Because it can become asymmetric, confusing and abused! See that whoever CANNOT write can bring down anyone who does write and force erasure? Which cannot be done with books that directly, incidentally. And people do get confused and self imply! See that eventually all themes stop being of public interest because the public lost interest and would say so even if it IS public interest. I would see suspicious whoever want someone else to erase something about them, unless of course it is a blatant lie. Or they cannot live with a polemic?

Comment Re:How does this affect me (Score 1) 124

It is the TOKEN act what matters. A dispute with Mexico over immigration is affecting research funding some way. It is not good when the mass will only understand RESEARCH BUDGET CUTS. Though it could be media that is not fully professional on this, and why am I making this comment in a thread for astrophysics?

Comment Re:Berkley didn't do this to be jerks (Score 1) 554

What about sending these ADA guys back to India and other jungle countries like any sensible folk caring for himself would do? Do you try to instill some kind of folk solidarity among US? Sloped down walkboard corners is a good idea, but how many people do you see around in wheelchairs? I only find mutilated Africans and some very few old men who will not travel far. Who had this disabilities act idea? Does it provide compensation for being forced to witness mutilations and gather with very disabled people? Someone brain disabled found a way to use it creatively and have a nice revenge on normal people, the majority in fact, (hopefully). Where does it come next? Windows banned because the start page is not ADA compliant? Etc.

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