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Comment There are bags out there..... (Score 1) 296

Recently I went hunting for the right bag for my needs, and found a few deals on a range of bags. On the overkill end I bought a used Briggs & Riley leather briefcase that is large enough to hold every portable computing device I own, or probably ever owned. If it was scruffy, I'd be temped to use it for grocery shopping or Home Depot excursions. Beautiful workmanship. Down the scale a notch I found a Mountain Khakis Field bag. http://www.mountainkhakis.com/products/accessories/bags/field-bag.cfm Along my travels I discovered RedOxx for very reasonably priced aviator duffles, http://www.redoxx.com/Aviator-Duffel-Bags/150/150/deptThose are the excursion bags for hardware shopping. and DuluthTrading: http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/product/fire-hose-field-bag-43129.aspx?kw=bag&processor=content#detailtabs for a durable, though slightly small bag. Duluth, please make one that fits and protects a 10 inch tablet, but not so large that file folders fit in it, because then my girlfriend would appropriate it.

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