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Comment Re:Meh... (Score 1) 232

Why do you need to "predownload" something before you buy it. If you are going to buy the game after the download finishes, it's the same thing as buying and then downloading it. Unless you are wanting to predownload it and then buy it later when you can afford it. Beyond that one scenario I don't see the value in predownloading it.

Comment Re:Meh... - probably astroturf (Score 1) 232

I disagree. The entire point of Steam is not having to worry about physical media and keys, not having to download patches and hope it installs correctly or using another system to find servers. The point is all the tools you need are built and/or automatically done for you. Get a new computer, go to a friends house, need more HDD space, no problem. The games can be downloaded with the latest patches and installed for you in less then an hour or two (depending on connection and such) without having to worry about damaged media and lost keys. So, yeah, you're right. No benefit what so ever.

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