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Comment Re: Good for them! (Score 1) 858

The United States Government is established in a variety of laws, not just the Constitution. The President is obligated to faithfully execute them. Failing to do so would be an impeachable offense.

Really? An impeachable offense? Just because the president fails to execute some laws he does not like? Like Obama failing to enforce drug laws in how many states now?

Comment Re:Two issues (Score 1) 490

Exactly. There is a strong argument to be made that the pool from which the prevailing opinion should apply is all eligible voters, not just those who happen to vote. If too many don't care enough about a law to vote, why would we want to have that law?

Furthermore, passing a new law should require well over simple majority, and every law should sunset automatically in a few years (2? 5?). This gets rid of the baggage of stupid, useless and harmful laws from accumulating without end. Add to that the renewal of a law that had sunset should require even higher majority margin because if it was a good law everyone will want to keep it - bad or even neutral why bother keeping it. (which is another argument for keeping initial period short - people will remember what it was like before the law) Once renewed a law could remain on the books longer, perhaps double or 4x the previous valid time.

Comment Re:Model Airplanes/Rockets (Score 1) 533

Fact 1: Your opinion that there is no difference between index cards and computers is ludicrous. Any such opinion that violates basic facts is too stupid to ever be considered.

Fact 2: The government has no authority to transfer costs incurred by a party to some other party.

Opinion 1: If the cost of the system is making lookups possible by local authorities, then local authorities should pay that cost.

Comment Re:Whiners, LISTEN UP: (Score 1) 533

"Here, read this, especially the part about the FAA wanting to educate drone users, not punish them"

Sucker. They got you good.

This is the same path followed by the vast majority of regulations - start light, easy and cheap, and of course highlight how it is for the benefit of those being taxed. Then there are only two paths: drop any attempt at the regulation or raise the tax, tighten the rules, increase the enforcement. CB radio, now FRS and GMRS; cars; guns; the various building/construction trades; and on and on and on.

Comment Re:Weight (Score 1) 533

"Unmanned aircraft weighing less than 55 pounds and more
than 0.55 pounds (250 grams) on takeoff, including everything
that is on board or otherwise attached to the aircraft"

Okay, then if it is hovering (already past takeoff) then I attach the payload I am good?

What if I fly by and hook the payload?

What if it snows or ice forms on my 0.50lb "drone" ?

Stupid regulation by stupid people for stupid people.

Comment Re:Model Airplanes/Rockets (Score 1) 533


I would love to issue an edict that everyone had to pay me $5 every 3 years "because reasons."

We've simply figured out step 2:

1) impose fee by edict
2) be a government entity
3) profit!

Everybody claiming it is "reasonable" or "run at a loss" must still think 1) we live in the age of file clerks and index cards, and 2) the FAA is actually going to do something. Or perhaps said "thinkers" are even more cynical of government efficiency than am I and yet are still wiling to excuse the FAA for it.

Comment No vacation days, just take time off as needed (Score 2) 331

Nobody will abuse a time off policy where there are no vacation days and time is taken as needed. If it is abused it can be addressed by the performance review process.

I always understood how that will stop employees from abusing the "as needed" vacation policy.

I never understood what will stop the employer from abusing it. Until now.

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