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Comment Wonderful, should help being overrun by muslims (Score 1) 399

Let's put fear into all Canadians and Americans to never have sex with a woman ever again, feminists and muslims win, now they can all have muslim babies, give more vindictive women power to put innocent people away, wohooo, oww right this is already happening, becoming a minority in your own country cause of more abuse of legal system! If they want equal power give men ability to put these women in jail to.

Comment Well here is the scoop (Score 1) 195

I played ff11 for so long and enjoyed it, till I was disappointed in game play by ff14. The old graphics in ff11 and everyone sitting around doing nothing because development team took so long to put out anything new led everyone to move to ff14 in first place. Played ff14 for awhile, then was so disenchanted. You login, and have to craft all the time, making the game so boring. At least in ff11 you could at least buy gil online and play game way you wanted, always fighting with the best gear. It was impossible in ff14, always had to do boring things instead of fighting. The other 2 key points were that they took away ability to search for people to fight with like they had in ff11. In ff11 what addicted everyone to that game to begin with was first time getting out in killing fields in sandoria to kill rabbits, and getting invites to join a bunch of people in valkurm dunes. Everyone loved it, they probably got killed trying to get there, but people wanted to play with you, and you would eventually make it there, it was fun. In ff14 you just sit there and noone cares to invite you to anything at any given point, it was boring fast. FF11 key element was joining up in groups so people could play with you, then buying gil , getting some good gear, to continue fighting well with your group so you weren't a downer to your group having undergeared player. Lastly the disenchantment with ff14 was they never let ff11 players continue into the ff14 world. ff14 should have been an addon worlds to ff11, just with better graphics. The games regardless become boring at some point. As with final fantasy 11, when you hit level 75, you sat around with your thumb up your butt for a week just to do some large event like dynamis, lagged all over the place because there was just to many people in the party to be able to play your character properly, especially with lag from foreign servers, they had no north america servers, so you can imagine the latency. All in all, they should have continued on with ff11, they had good system for inviting people to party, an auction house to buy everything you needed,(even if you bought your gil, cause let's face it who wants to sit there and craft over fighting anyways), ff14 should have been an addon to ff11 with better graphics, killing their way to invite people to groups and auction house, was what made game flop. People did not want to run around for years crafting , they wanted to login with their couple hours, get invited to a party , and enjoy fighting. It was as simple as that.

Comment 20TB solution (Score 1) 983

Quite simply your solution is simple: a)money dependant Get another storage server with exact same specs and run an rsync cronjob to backup data once a night to other system. b) this time use only half the storage in a raid 10. I recommend FreeBSD or freenas with ZFS enabling compression as well, to get most out of your space.

Comment MS does not see the bigger picture (Score 1) 185

I definitely commend MS for attempting to get back in market, but this was wrong way to do it. Reality is, more people may buy hardware manufacturers hardware made for MS if it can be made Linux bootable otherwise MS will just continue to loose market share. As we have already seen with MS tablets, no one wants a slimmed down windows 8 OS, they want the full OS so they can use what they been use to using for years. I believe MS does have a big chance at market share here in tablets, but only if it runs windows 8 fully(users can do what they want like hey been use to, not limited by the surface tablets). MS has biggest advantage here I believe if they go this route, since all gamers and office users are use to windows to begin with. The thing MS does need to give up to get back into this century is to make windows 8 free as an OS. That will allow them to compete fully in tablet industry, allowing people dual boot Linux and windows 8 for an example, or even as a virtual Image. As it stands we have moved from industrial age to computer age for awhile now, only open source has survived because of active development. We have seen time and time again how people who do not move their program/OS to opensource, have eventually been outdated within a few years with something new, vs an opensource release where programmers can voluntarily help improve it, thus making it exist even to do this. IE: Linux, apache, bind ... just to name a few. MS needs to make something of value, not try to prevent people doing things, there are far to many programmers in this world today to undo anything restrictive, it makes sense to go the former route. A bigger question is how would MS like it if Linux manufacturers went on to secure the boot loader to prevent MS from ever running, would they like that? Would it affect their revenue? Would it be anti-competitive? Of course. I think they big picture here is "Do unto others and you would have done unto you".

Comment Antigua set to sell hollywood movies (Score 1) 307

USA prevented Antigua from selling gambling, so they are going to sell movies/music online in effort to recoup their costs. Again, using VPN prob best way to go for downloading, RIAA and movie industry cannot fight every citizen on planet doing it and every other government. Its always been and always will be if people do not want to pay for something, they won't, concentrate on people that will pay. Been like this since software piracy days. For someone to issue a legal lawsuit against someone for downloading movie out of their house , someone invaded that person's privacy rights in order to do that in first place, the real lawsuit should be file against ISP that released that customer's information to a third party, a complete breach of trust.

Comment Re:Brilliant idea (Score 1) 480

I wouldn't suggest anyone advocate a program where it contacts the internet period. While might be a great service, if that company is determined to steal your passwords, they most likely would find a way. If joe blow disgruntled employee decides he wants your bank passwords before he leaves the company, I'm sure your not going to be very happy. Program needs to be opensource, encryptable, and be able to hide it somewhere in filesystem nowhere would think of looking(everyone should pick their own place). Paying someone $1 dollar a month, you've already made it public you have something to hide, not a good start...

Comment Trucking industry should pay more (Score 1) 686

They should charge commercial entities , not consumer market, those semi-trailers cause the most wear and tear( and damage to these roads) are not taking enough of the cost, why should consumers have to pay for them. Considering cost of a hybrid car nearly 35k, which no consumer will pay regardless till they come down to 20k range, the consumer market is being hurt the most, added costs of vehicle monthly cost and being taxed on it as well hardly seems the right thing to do.

Comment Re:To hell with the Boomers anyway. (Score 1) 233

I assume your about 36 to make such a comment. 1) oil: welcome to george bush presidency, with the war and such, there was more demand than supply, not that supply wasn't there, but raising costs to meet the demand was an added benefit for bush's 60% oil stock portfolio, to think some people go to jail for insider trading unless your a president! 2) music: that is uncalled for. I listen to music from every different genre, country, era, language on daily basis, I think your just narrow minded here. 3) love and greed: so your underpaid high school teachers preached to you out of love but because they accepted a paycheck they are greedy? 4) documentaries: compared to all the youtube videos of how cool the X generation is? Boomers and X generation are old now, the next generation also hates both of those generations music tastes, after all we are suppose to hate our parents music so to separate us independently from them and be "cool" amongst our friends. Not one is better than another, its all a lesson in life experience.

Comment Its not really inserting code into packet (Score 1) 271

Its not really advanced DPI filtering injecting code on a packet per packet basis, most likely what they doing is using firewall to redirect all port 80 outgoing traffic through a proxy like squid, nginx etc and those programs have a simple config type file you can edit to insert what you want. Its really an evasion of privacy to do this, even more so because hollywood and music industries latest way to make money is say, make a crappy cd of music, post it on a torrent, then go sue any IPs downloading it, asking ISP's to invade users privacy to snoop their traffic to obtain this information, yes, what a joke. What is really going to happen if ISP's continue down this road of not protecting users privacy, users will start using third parties to bypass their ISP's filtering and inspection, opening up a whole new problem of possible malware etc. I mean look at problem with not offering windows7 or windows8 free to begin with, people download and install it and take the malware just to get it free, at least OS's like linux have it right here. In my opinion if ISP's are doing any kind of packet inspection at all, yes its almost like having to pay a cable company to watch their ads, then their service should be sold at a reduced cost, and it should be made public their terms of service for handing you over to joe and pop music store law firm for downloading anything as well so you can take appropriate measures to bypass their inspection to protect their own privacy through encrypted VPN's or whatever they can.

Comment Re:Doesn't help (Score 1) 308

Well said that's how all the people feel on issue, real question is how we can go about opposing these corporations, just because a group of 50-500 with alot of money think they are self-riteous, how long can they stand against the whole world. I remember RIAA tried to stop peer file sharing in vancouver, canada one time, and smartly we told them to go to hell, why are USA judges so scared to stand for the people.

Comment Re:Just (Score 1) 210

You make no case how a consumer grade SSD would not last at least 10 years before normal replacement and upgrades compared to enterprise SSD. Sounds like your advertising for the enterprise guys to take money out of people's pockets. I have not had any issues running raided consumer SSD's.

Comment Sue the CIAPC (Score 1) 376

What they did snooping traffic is a clear violation of privacy, what someone does in their own house is their business. If this "scandinavia" has any self-respect, lawyers should step up to the plate, sue them hard, prevent this from happening to anyone else. Harrassing a 9 year old girl, stealing personal property(laptops etc), anyone else find this wrong?

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