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Comment Overblown, maybe? (Score 2, Interesting) 115

How is this different from the current state of things in the US, where you so often have to register with your own credit card? That seems like it'll cover virtually all cases. Not that it doesn't really suck that players can mostly be tracked down to their real identities or anything, but that's a different story, I think.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 152

It's not cells -- it's an object system called CLON. It's more along the lines of KR. It's prototype-based and emphasises the message-passing bit more. It's a much simpler system than CLOS (which can be nice in some cases, such as when you want to bring in strangers and have them extend/remix your game).

Comment Re:Hello? "United STATES of America?" (Score 1) 773

This makes me think we should probably address the problem of people being so saturated with memes, buzzwords, and tea, that they turn into useless lumps of anger. The best part of this story, of course, is the fact that all this bullshytt is being spread by the same people who were ecstatic about having absolute federal government control, up until a few years ago. Yawn.

Comment Art (Score 2, Insightful) 504

Art is a labor of love. Love does not require profit, and an entire industry that puts its entire weight behind commercial success and greed can only do harm to one of the arts that I love.

May they crash and burn. I really do mean that. I'd rather have ad-hoc groups of 5 or so people who really love the labor they put their time into.

The entire games industry was born out of this love, this passion. It's disappeared from big companies. People who once sat in their rooms hacking assembly on ancient machines, out of passion, are now being exploited into grinding their lives away on a schedule, their creativity mostly ignored in favor of a few elite designers' "market-proven talent".

Bring back the love. Bring back the passion.

Submission + - OLPC XO Review ( 1

BIOS_LEVEL writes: "The XO is the laptop produced by the One Laptop Per Child program (OLPC) headed by Mr. Nicholas Negroponte. The goal of OLPC is to provide every child a laptop which they can use to experience technology and the Internet. Through the Give One Get One program (G1G1), residents of North America are able donate $400 to the OLPC foundation, $200 of which finances a laptop for a child, and $200 of which pays for the cost of delivering one to the donor. Colin Dean was one of the first to participate in G1G1, and this is his review of it."

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