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Comment you all are idiots (Score 1) 427

with the insults aside the real reason lies in the fact that a lawnmower is not a laptop a laptop is made up of many extremely delicate components requiring strict tolerances in power output, a lawnmower is made up of brute force motors and rugged circuitry variations in power are not much a concern. so drop the greed/capitalism corporations sticking it to us nonsense and use the brains that God/Allah/ evolution or whomever gave you

Submission + - Search for New Autism Genes

iuvasago writes: "The largest search for autism genes to date, funded in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has implicated components of the brain's glutamate chemical messenger system and a previously overlooked site on chromosome 11. Based on 1,168 families with at least two affected members, the genome scan adds to evidence that tiny, rare variations in genes may heighten risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD). [Read More] from"
Emulation (Games)

Submission + - CoHEmu receives cease and desist from NCSoft

Malign writes: "The CoHEmu (now known as CoXemu) Project received a cease and desist order from NCSoft today. The cease and desist can be found here: The CoHEmu Project is an open source City of Heroes and Villains server emulator written in C++. The topic in their project IRC channel reads: "cohemu site shut down" Apparently, the webhost that powered the project forum was taken offline by the ISP and the server maintainer had to call them and explain what was going on to get it back on the net. The project source code was completely open, but NCSoft accused them of using copyrighted material. They also warned of possible outcomes if the content was not brought down such as court and heavy fines of approximately $100,000 USD. Another emulation project bites the dust to the will of corporations."

Submission + - How A "Superbaby" Is Leading To New Medic

An anonymous reader writes: A baby boy with unusually big muscles — caused by a gene mutation — is leading to new muscular dystrophy drugs. Forbes has the story, from the gene's discovery in mice, then in cattle (lots of beefy breeds have a mutated copy) to the current quest for new medicines, which pits a tiny biotech against drug giant Wyeth. ml?partner=yahoomag

Submission + - Lakes found under Antarctic ice using space lasers

Reverse Gear writes: "There is a new study circling the media about these newly found big lakes found underneath the antarctic ice sheets that apparently empty and fills back up quite fast (study has been working in 3 years and has detected massive movements), from the article:

The scientists allay fears that global warming has created these pockets of water. They say these lakes lie some 2,300 feet below compressed snow and ice, too deep for environmental temperature to reach. However, it is necessary to understand what causes the phenomenon as it can facilitate an understanding of the impact of climate change on the ice sheet in Antarctica
NASA also has some information on the technique used to detect these lakes"

Submission + - The future of packaging software in Linux

michuk writes: "There are currently at least five popular ways of installing software in GNU/Linux. None of them is widely accepted throughout the popular distibutions. This situation is not a problem for experienced users — they can make decisions themselves. However, for a newcomer in the GNU/Linux world, installing new software is always pretty confusing. The article tries to sum up some of the recent efforts to fix this problem and examine the possible future of packaging software in GNU/Linux."

Submission + - Quake Ported to Nintendo DS

Joan Cross writes: ID Software`s Quake the first-person shooter computer game that was released back in 2006 has today been ported to the Nintendo DS, the coder Simon Hall has manged to squeeze the program, working state and game data into the four megabytes of main memory of Nintendo`s handheld. The game is fully playable with both shareware or commercial pak files, total conversions and mods will work also.

Submission + - Blender 2.43 released!

An anonymous reader writes: The 2.43 release of Blender is out today (January 18, 2007)! Lots of goodies here — check out the 2.43 release log to get an impression of just how much has changed. Also, for the first time we have a series of Feature Videos demonstrating the power of some of the most important new features. Very cool stuff. Download 2.43 now! Also, a lot has changed behind the scenes: obviously we redid the entire website with a design by Matt Ebb. We also have a new webserver for the website dubbed 'Emo',and we also have three separate download servers (not counting our international mirrors), bringing our total download capacity up to 300mb. Slashdot and Digg? Bring 'em on!

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