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Comment Re:Not too impressive. (Score 1) 453

Given that they actually came 4th in their category for effeciency and were beaten by a hydrogen car doing 804km/l (1891mpg) and one doing 1246km/l (2930mpg), they should be able to do better with hydrogen.

TFA says they won 3rd most effecient vehicle at the eco-marathon, which is BS on two counts. They were 4th according to Shells results page, and that 4th is only for their category. The prototype results are even more impressive with the winner getting 3771km/l (8869mpg) for gasoline and the 2nd place getting 3549km/l (8347mpg) for hydrogen.

Comment Re:Non-issue (Score 1) 229

You guess wrong. If I was the AC, I would either have continued posting AC or not posted AC at all.
I happen to agree strongly with the AC who posted. Saying "burn down the entire fucking BT HQ" because of a story that does not even affect you (Yeah, that's right, iPlayer is not even available outside the UK) is for fucknuts.

Any "idiot" who has ever used the word fuck usually does not say something along the lines of "I want to fuck your sister in the ass. Paying for bandwidth I can't use pisses me off" and then claim to have not actually meant anything to do with your sister.

Anyways, I'm bored with this shit.

Comment Re:Non-issue (Score 0, Troll) 229

I guess that explains your poor grasp of some basic english words then. Words such as "entire".

1: having no element or part left out : whole
2: complete in degree : total
3 a: consisting of one piece b: homogeneous, unmixed c: intact

30% of a comment does not constitute the whole or total.
You also mention that some of your words are irrelevant and say that I am off topic.

having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue;

Off topic:
Not related to the matter under discussion

In case you did not notice, the topic at hand in this little thread is your post about burning down a building and then your claims of being misunderstood and slamming an AC when they disagree with you. If you can't defend your posts against contradictory viewpoints without complaining that people are off topic or ignorant, then blogging might suit you better than forums.

Comment Re:Non-issue (Score 1) 229

I use entanet and I'm pretty impressed by their stance on certain issues.
Their CTO on iplayer
Enta against Phorm

They work through resellers like Aquiss, ADSL24, UKFSN, Freeola, Seriously, Vivaciti and others. They sell plans by the peak allowance amount, with massive limits during off-peak and don't try to limit what software or protocols you use.

Comment Re:Non-issue (Score 0, Offtopic) 229

Let's burn down this building because....
Burn down the building, really?
NO! You misunderstood me!

The comment about not being able to use the service you paid for made up less than one third of your post and you did in fact say that the building should be burnt down because they had pissed you off.
If you feel that you have been misunderstood and did not intend for arson to be your main point, perhaps you should consult a doctor about Alien Hand Syndrome

P.S. Despite the criminal charge of incitement having been aboloshed in the UK last year, it was replaced with 3 new offences of encouraging or assisting. Would it not have been wise to use the AC tag yourself?

Comment Re:Look (Score 5, Informative) 64

Wrong. This is not being looked at because google are a brilliant company who love everybody, this is being looked at because the deal is f'king shady.

The authors guild wants to sell monopoly rights to google. Rights which are not theirs to sell, if they even exist at all.
The exclusive right to scan and sell any orphaned book, which might very well contradict copyright laws.
The exclusive right to decide what constitutes an "out of print" work, and republish it.
There are others, those are just the two I can recall off the top of my head.

Google would be released from the legal obligation to seek permission of copyright holders first, whether the holders are members of the authors guild or not. As you can probably imagine, there's no way in hell the authors guild has the legal capacity to grant that permission for all authors (including foreign authors).

So google and the authors guild are trying to create an illegal monopoly.

Comment Re:One should never RTFA, indeed ... (Score 0, Troll) 152


So ''Open Source'' can refer to Free Software, but it can also refer to software not meeting the criteria above. It is also at times used to describe a particular software development model, although some parts of Free Software are developed in closed development models, and proprietary software is increasingly experimenting with open development approaches. This makes the term ''Open Source'' highly ambiguous, and indeed difficult for all areas that depend on precision in their language, such as science, law and politics.

So, on the one hand they are trying to say "there is no difference between free software and open source", and on the other they are pointing out that open source does not always mean the same thing as free software.

If they cannot even unify what they are saying with what they have said, what hope is there for them to unify developers?

Comment Beneficial to consumers? (Score 1) 170

With the DOJ and possibly the EU looking into googles book settlement for antitrust reasons, consumers will not be better off if the settlement is allowed to stand. They never are when dealing with a monopoly.

If google enters the market as a fair competitor to amazon, then sure, it should lead to lower prices and more choice, but I don't think google is even remotely interested in fair competition.

Comment Re:Post Traumatic WTF (Score 1) 511

Psychosomatic heart disease in american civil war soldiers? Preposterous!
Post traumatic stress in the 1800's? Not on your nelly!

Your statement that people suffering from PTSD should die however does have some historical precident. You'd have been great at executing "cowards" and "traitors"
I would work on your idea of modern though.

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