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Comment HP TC1100 (Score 1) 480

The HP TC1100 has similar specs (in some cases better) than the iPad.

It came out in 2003 and it ran XP:


Apple took proven existing technology (from ~2003) polished the OS up and made it largely idiot proof and then marketed the shit out of. Obviously a very successfully. Absolutely brilliant to be able to polish a terd and then convince people to buy it - it helps they did a very good job polishing it.

Comment HA HA HA (Score 2) 353

The prison guard tell them what to do all the time - the whole system is just a big gang.

I think the same can be said about the government. After all the US President is tasked with giving directions and his fellow gang members try to achieve the goals. Although there are two gangs running the country both are just legitimized organized criminal gangs. Pay your protection money, I mean taxes!

Comment From the title (Score 1) 169

When I read the title I thought it would use your location in the part to valid you. IE: your IP indicates you are attempting to log-in from Europe and yet 1 hour ago you where logged in at your home in California. I have seen a website already do something similar to to... when I was using a proxy server and hit my account it knew my access was not from my regular IP address and prompted me for a some more security questions for validations - the secret question I wrote for the extra level of security (and it sent me a email that my account was accessed from non-typical IP address and supplied the IP address and time).

Nice to see. But click on a map seems a little to easy to hack or shoulder read.

Comment Stage acting (Score 1) 324

He is a spectacular stage actor.

I had seen him long ago and remember how good his was then.

His talent was opening door for him long before Star Trek. But TV series launched him as a very recognizable actor. I am sure he would have been noticed with out Star Trek but it did help is Career and maybe got him knight a few years early.

Comment 100+ years (Score 1) 266

DVDs have a shelf life of around ten years; simply, that is simply unacceptable for archive discs.

There are Archive quality DVDs....

TDK states their metal-stabilized Cyanine is also stable for 70 years.

Mitsubishi went in a different direction and produced what is called a Metal Azo dye, that they claim is stable for around 100 years.

Then there is Matsui?
New Lifetime Test results:
Expected Lifetime:
MAM-A Gold Archive CD-R: 329 years
MAM-A Gold Archive DVD-R: 116 years

Duplicated the data on 5+ disks (like in a RAID structure - maybe even RAID 10 if cost is no object). Supply the whole system to read the data and then have back up hardware in triple redundancy.

The cheaper solution would be to make a bit torrent of it and have various museum's host the entire bit torrent.

Comment To unsecure (Score 1) 259

We have it in our local downtown core. I find it slow and very insecure. Although there appears to be camera's near the access points.

If I want it secure I have to create a VPN back to my home computer and establish a secure connection that way but it even gets slower then. For me to really buy into a free WiFi network they really need to demonstrate security.

Comment How long till (Score 1) 174

Now how long would it take to wire that beast... how many man hours and would it be limited by the army of IT staff all trying to work with a 100,000+ port switch?

How many IT staff would go mad in the sea of network wires?

At the point of 100,000+ ports I would rather invest heavily in research to make a wireless switch that can handle 100,000+ connections at Gigabit speeds (and of course a corresponding wireless devices interface for each rack).

Comment To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak (Score 1) 376

To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak that is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler in the iPod to suffer

the incompatible and non-standard applications

Or pay apple to ensure no troubles.

To me it is simple... Apple highly restrict software makes sure that for the average dough head their authorized software will work on there product. Unauthorized software on a jailbroken device might not. Look at all the hassle and flak that MS must take for trying to allow for every possible hardware configuration and crappy written software.

To me it is simple... if I download and install authorized apple software I trust it will work. The alternative has failed to gain my trust yet. When my device is old or I have a new one I will take significantly more risks with but that time has not come.

Comment Duplication (Score 1) 421

I just try to avoid duplication of data.

I have backups here and backups there. One full 500 GB drive full of prized photo's.

A few restores and un-deletes and presto I can find 3+ files of the same thing.

I need a NAS that can do backups and help me avoid data duplications. Now only if the 5+ GB NAS can come down in price.

Comment I LUV MY C64! (Score 2, Insightful) 238

I saved and saved to get my C64. Way better than that stupid VIC 20.

I have hundreds games for it. About a dozen or so game that I enjoy so much I keep my C64 around and 'load' it up so I can play them. A emulator for the Iphone/touch would be something I would love to have and pay for it - provided it had the games I love to play.

Comment HA HA HA (Score 1) 1186

This is about as funny as when China made it a law that the Dalai Lama could not reincarnation with out there expressed permission.

Just because they pass a law does not mean anything will happen. The North American companies will drag there feet and claim it would cost to much money and will need a bailout. Even then they will ways to pocket the money instead of helping the community by saving energy and the environment. Most car manufactures live in a short term finical gain scenario mind set. And if thing go bad in the long term they can expect a bail out by the tax payers.

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