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Comment 802.1X attack (Score 2, Interesting) 133

Actually, 802.1X (on wired ethernet) can be attacked - read this. Yes, it is on, but nothing in the article is specific to Microsoft technologies.

Now, this is definitely a deliberate attack (not an innocuous vendor just plugging in their laptop to check their email) but it is possible.

(You insert a hub between a legit computer and a legit switch port. You connect your attacking computer to the same hub, configure your attacking computer to have the same MAC, wait for the legit computer to authenticate which opens the switch port and off you go, subject to some caveats as mentioned in the article.)

They recommend IPSec as it authenticates each packet. 802.1X on wireless is not subject to the same issues because there is a session that is maintained between the AP and the client.

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