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Comment Re:Not bugs until they cause problems (Score 1) 266

In my experience, way too many programmers go for the obvious, short-cutting, direct, layer-breaking solution because it only requires writing a few lines of code. Out of an infinite set of possible solutions for the problem, they choose the one that saves them the most characters typed.

Experienced ones however will reduce the solution space and reject solutions that don't adhere to architectural criteria right from the start, and write something that looks a little more complicated but in fact results in a far more elegant, better scaling and maintainable solution.

Comment Re:A Very Old Performance Problem, Mostly Forgotte (Score 1) 266

So, I profile that code, I find, hm, odd, this loop is taking a lot of time.

It's accessing some array, wierd, array accesses are normally blazingly fast.

Oh look, it's a two dimensional array, that's something you don't see every day!

Let's play a bit with the code, hey, it's fast now that I'm looping through it differently... hm, I wonder how that thing is laid out in memory... oh, could it be that it is causing cache line misses / page faults / disk cache misses (yes, those abstractions are present at every level)?

Comment All it takes is a few tricks... (Score 1) 347

I've been in this business for over 20 years, and I think I can honestly say that seeing my own code from one year ago, every single year, would cause me to sigh and think: "I was so naive then..."

But anyway, I wrote this book, just follow it and you'll be a professional programmer after you finished reading it...


Will WebAssembly Replace JavaScript? ( 235

On Tuesday Firefox 52 became the first browser to support WebAssembly, a new standard "to enable near-native performance for web applications" without a plug-in by pre-compiling code into low-level, machine-ready instructions. Mozilla engineer Lin Clark sees this as an inflection point where the speed of browser-based applications increases dramatically. An anonymous reader quotes David Bryant, the head of platform engineering at Mozilla. This new standard will enable amazing video games and high-performance web apps for things like computer-aided design, video and image editing, and scientific visualization... Over time, many existing productivity apps (e.g. email, social networks, word processing) and JavaScript frameworks will likely use WebAssembly to significantly reduce load times while simultaneously improving performance while running... developers can integrate WebAssembly libraries for CPU-intensive calculations (e.g. compression, face detection, physics) into existing web apps that use JavaScript for less intensive work... In some ways, WebAssembly changes what it means to be a web developer, as well as the fundamental abilities of the web.
Mozilla celebrated with a demo video of the high-resolution graphics of Zen Garden, and while right now WebAssembly supports compilation from C and C++ (plus some preliminary support for Rust), "We expect that, as WebAssembly continues to evolve, you'll also be able to use it with programming languages often used for mobile apps, like Java, Swift, and C#."

Comment Re:Because there's no such thing as one "performan (Score 1) 474

I think in part that the processes are now so complex, you actually needed the previous generation of CPU / GPU's to design the next generation. It be hard to skip generations if your current generation can't even run CAD software, let alone validate a design before putting it on a wafer.

Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 474

What would you parallelize though?

The code for UI interactions? If it responds and updates within 20 ms, my mouse will flow smoothly over the screen...

The validation logic? The business rules? The database access code? None of these benefit from parallelism as single thread performance is more than sufficient to return responses within *human* limits.

Parallelism is already employed at almost all of the stages where it matters, and it won't need to be written by the average joe programmer. They just use a library to play that sound or video (offloaded to GPU)... They just write a per request application, that scales by using a thread per request and if necessary multiple instances of the server. They just access that database, which then does a highly optimized parallel search for the results...

Teaching Joe to make use of the correct libraries and using things like WHERE and GROUP BY is a better investment.

Comment Re:W7-X is not a power source! (Score 1) 431

Wouldn't it be as simple as the containing vessel heating up, and you pump water along it? I mean, the plasma inside can be millions of degrees, and that would probably radiate to heat up the vessel as well when it starts producing energy.

A cubic millimeter of superhot plasma is not gonna heat up the entire containment vessel to melting point, but it might heat it up to say a nice comfortable 500 degrees orso...

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