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Comment Re:cloud what? (Score 1) 191

That's assuming all you want to do is store files. And that you don't care that they are all in the same location. And that you can store them all on a single hard drive.

Old school might be ok for you. I just hope you never manage the IT for any company I work at.

Comment Re:Burn karma burn! (Score 1) 507

Yes. When you use the right words to describe things, it can be said that it is more "clear".

My only problem with your original statement was that you phrased it in a way that stated that both drivers shared some fault (and the only fault that matters is legal). That isn't true, I realize that you (now, perhaps) realize that, and hopefully the people of Slashdot realize that.

Enough of this distraction... Now, if someone would just address the actual points of my initial "troll" posting. :) (I'm burned out though now)

User Journal

Journal Journal: trolling

9 troll mods to 1 informative.

Apparently posting about how breaking the law is illegal gets you flagged as a troll.

I admit, my wording is a bit inflammatory, but still. Good job mods!

Comment Re:Burn karma burn! (Score 1) 507

I can't disagree anymore strongly with that statement. Both drivers are not in the wrong.

A green light means I can legally go. Suggesting anything else is stupid and wrong.

But given your feelings about this maybe making sure that you aren't going to get hit by people running red lights isn't necessarily a terrible idea, since it appears that you think running through red lights is only mostly against the law.

Comment Re:Burn karma burn! (Score 0) 507


Explain to me how this isn't entirely the "chick in the SUV"s fault?

Your friend had a green light. She had a red light. Your friend entered the intersection legally. She enters the intersection illegally. A collision ensues.

At what point in that scenario was the "chick in the SUV" in the right... at all?

Comment Re:Burn karma burn! (Score 0) 507

I used the term "yellow" in quotes for a reason. The rest of the post is referring to people actually running red lights (and presumably claiming that the yellow wasn't long enough).

The other driver's light wasn't close to yellow. My light had been green long enough for me to be halfway through the intersection. And I wish it had been a horse instead of a Denali.

Comment Re:Burn karma burn! (Score -1, Troll) 507

This is a strawman. We're not talking about a 6 second differences. We're talking about less than half a second.

Also, when I said "yellow" apparently you didn't catch the implication. I understand that the rest of my post was about people running red lights, and that making that connection in the one sentence with sarcasm is hard...

but really, this is the internet!

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