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Comment Don't feel too bad, OP (Score 1) 352

Because you probably DID kill off your characters. It's not hard to save everyone in Mass Effect 2 as long as you 1) Fully upgrade your ship and 2) keep everyone loyal. If you don't upgrade the ship, then people who aren't with you end up dying. If you take the people you care about with you (For me it's Tali and Garrus) then they won't die even if you don't upgrade the Normandy. If characters aren't loyal, they may die once you're actually in the collector base.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 378

Also, in case you haven't noticed, cellular networks have been getting faster as well. I am not saying that people should start designing webpages using PNGs only and slicing them up... I am saying that if you upload a picture that is meant to be looked at, you don't want it to look terrible like a JPG or a WebP.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 378

One should never try to view images on a phone. The only images I post online are either photographs taken by myself or computer screenshots, both of which would be terrible to browse on a phone. An ISP's job is to provide losers like me with more bandwidth. If they don't want to give us the amount of bandwidth we are paying for they can always throttle us and get sued... Also, the by the byte/MB/GB model will never catch on for residential or corporate customers. Mobile customers are used to being ripped off, but look how a la carte TV programming has turned out. A very small percentage of users actually want to have a variable bill.

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