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Submission + - Elsevier to offer DRM-free ebook bundling through BitLit (

peterhudson writes: Elsevier has partnered with BitLit to offer readers highly discounted DRM-free "bundled" eBook editions on for 5000 of their titles. Elsevier which has courted controversy over the years in its journal business, may be adopting a more progressive stance on both DRM and consumer demand for format shifting physical media to digital.

Unlike the Kindle Matchbook bundling program which relies on billing records (and doesn't have any large scientific or technical publishers participating), the Elsevier-BitLit bundling program doesn't require receipts or point-of-sale records to prove ownership of the print copy. To claim the bundled eBook, a reader writes her name in ink on the copyright page and snaps a photo using the BitLit app. BitLit is free for iOS and Android and offers free or highly discounted bundled eBooks form over 200 publishers including other tech publishers: Packt and O'Reilly.

Comment Valid technology for "non-critical" firearms (Score 1) 765

I understand the debate related to the possible "failures" in critical situations... but aren't there other scenarios where this technology could be useful where it wouldn't really matter if there was a failure. Hunting? Target shooting? In those cases it seems that a system failure would be merely an inconvenience, not a matter of life and death.

Comment Re:Company owning itself (Score 4, Informative) 521

Yes, the shares are "extinguished." So all the remaining shareholders now own a larger percentage share of the company, because there are fewer shares in existence. I just sold a bunch of shares back to a company... it was somewhat handy because they gave preference to odd lots (had 84 shares) so it helps to "clean things up" a bit. Also, they paid above the market rate (which didn't quite jump to the buyback value because they did not buy an unlimited number).

Comment Re:Use LaTeX. (Score 1) 814

There is also the ~ character which prevents enlarging the space and also prohibits a linebreak, eg. Dr.~Knuth

The \@ code is for when a period is used after an upper case character and actually ends a sentence (rather than being used for an abbreviation), eg. I like BASIC\@. What about you?

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