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Comment Re:The New Invasive Species (Score 5, Interesting) 231

Koalas have no reason to have much brain power.

Koalas aren't good eating - they're toxic because they're full of eucalyptus oil. So they don't need to avoid predators. They eat one thing, so all they need the brains for is to find the thing and eat it.

Having a large, metabolically active brain would be a bad thing for a koala because the food they eat is so low on nutrition they'd be wasting energy running it.

There's selective pressure *away* from having brain power.

Comment This doesn't make sense (Score 1) 262

Cancer happens in cells that generally aren't germ-line cells, that is apart from testicular and ovarian cancers. (and many of those are stromal cells, not germ-line)

There's no evolutionary advantage in killing someone with bowel cancer. Those faulty genes wouldn't be passed on. It just doesn't make sense.

Comment So now if I get mugged... (Score 2) 148

Not only do I potentially get assaulted, and all my stuff stolen, but they can drain my bank account too? Doesn't this just paint a big target on the back of anyone who carries a smart phone?

I like pay-pass, the way it works in aus is there's a maximum amount per transaction where you can use contactless without a pin. Hopefully it will be the same for this?

Comment Re:North Pole (Score 1) 496

Actually there's a series of right answers around the south pole.

1+ 1/(2*pi), 1+ 1/(4*pi) , 1+ 1/(6*pi), ...

Because you can circle around the south pole any integer number of times before heading north again.

It's questionable if you can count 1 mile north of the south pole exactly, because "west" isn't defined at the south pole so would that evaluate to a no-op?

Comment Re:Yeah right, take the guns away and ... (Score 2) 498

People should, however, be educated about really shitty ways of killing yourself, like overdosing on acetaminophen and the like.

That's a way I'd personally prefer to avoid.

Maybe (not that it would ever happen) there could be a govt sanctioned 'suicide wait list' where you sign on and after three months of counselling and intervention if you're not taken yourself off it, it'd get done painlessly and privately.

At least that would curb the public messes. Maybe...

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