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Comment Re:Protecting the arts and artists (Score 1) 442

This sounds reasonable, until you realize there isn't just one country in the world. Would you have to register your work in all 200 of them? Would this mean that it's okay to copy a work before it's released in your country?

Also, this would be problematic for open source software and especially GPL, because it basically wouldn't mean anything anymore (after the one free year).

Comment Re:Mr Fox denied access to the hen house (Score 1) 212

That's not how the legal system works. If Mr. Fox commited a crime, he should have been punished for that. And part of that punishment might be a ban to visit the henhouse in the future. But if Mr. Fox wasn't ever convicted of a crime, why do you want to punish him for something he might do in the future?

Comment Re:sustainability (Score 2) 686

Why not? What's the limiting factor (assuming sufficiently advanced technology)? Energy? Certainly not, with fusion. Freshwater? That's not it either, because with cheap fusion energy you can make it out of seawater. Food? I don't think so, making food doesn't have to deplete any resources.

Is using fossil fuels, depleting aquifers and salinizating soil sustainable? No, but that's not the only way. I don't see why having something like 10 billion people shouldn't be sustainable for a very long time.

Comment Re:Remember the old addage (Score 2) 488

If you're going to criticize something, at least get your facts straight. The C# yield keyword has nothing to do with Thread.yield(), it's for easier implementation of lazy iterators. And there is a very good reason why it is a feature of the language: it actually changes how the method behaves at a fairly deep level. Upon hitting the yield keyword, execution leaves the method and returns there only when another item from the iterator is requested. That's why it can't be just a library.

Comment Re:I work at Evolv (Score 1) 245

Look at this from the employer's point of view: if he can choose between someone who is, according to the data, likely to be a good employee or someone who is likely to be a bad employee, who should he choose?

Also, how is this different from a normal hiring procedure? There is still a chance that someone who could be great at the job will be rejected, because he didn't finish college or something like that. If this data-based approach actually works (I have no idea whether it does), then it should be a win for both sides: employer gets better employees and good potential employees have bigger chance to be selected.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see... (Score 1) 867

My personal take is that Gene Roddenberry was an alien whose goal was to nudge us in the generally correct direction without apparently doing so. To do this, he (it?) created a TV series called 'Star Trek' in which all advances we'd need were demonstrated to agile minds. Once it has been conceptualized, if it is possible, someone somewhere will eventually do it...

Okay, then why did he also create Andromeda?

Comment Re:Huge misunderstanding (Score 1) 274

1. As far as I know, you don't actually need to play the multiplayer or the iPhone game to get the best ending. But to get it without those, you need to play more singleplayer missions that you would otherwise.
2. The Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is not PvP (Player vs. Player). It's cooperative, you fight with a bunch of other people against waves of AI enemies.

Personally, I don't usually play multiplayer in games, but I thought that ME3 multiplayer was quite fun and not shoehorned in.

Comment Re:I've developed for the PS3. (Score 1) 371

Yeah, with enough time and enough money, there is nothing that can't be done.

Nonsense. Considering how many limitations does a DLC like this one have (it has to run on PS3, it has to be small enough to be downloaded on a normal broadband connection, it has to have decent FPS, it has to be pretty), there are many things that are simply impossible, no matter how much money, time or talent do you throw at it.

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