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Comment Re: Morale of the Story (Score 3, Interesting) 217

I didn't refer to the paying people as investors!

It's a buy with a (bigger) risk of not getting the thing you paid for.

If you pay 100 USD each to 10 projects, but 1/10 fail to deliver; then your actual cost per delivered product is about 111 USD. You need to guesstimate costs like that before you "gamble" and buy stuff from sites like Kickstarter.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Xbox messing with WLANs? (

netbuzz writes: That's the suspicion of the IT staff at Morrisville State College in New York, who report that the Xbox 360 emits a strong signal that's doing strange things to other equipment. What's not clear is whether the signal disrupts the college's WLAN access points or students' wireless notebooks. There is some anecdotal evidence, however, that it at least affects other radios in the same 2.4GHz band. Tests are being conducted. Microsoft mum, so far.


Submission + - The Coolest Country's Gov. Mandates Open Source (

The Open Sourcerer writes: "Just how cool can they be? Our Dutch compatriots are once again leading the way: The Dutch government has set a soft deadline of April 2008 for its agencies to start using open-source software — freely distributed programs that anyone can modify — the Netherlands Economic Affairs Ministry said Thursday. Government organisations will still be able to use proprietary software and formats but will have to justify it under the new policy, ministry spokesman Edwin van Scherrenburg said. Van Scherrenburg said the plan was approved UNANIMOUSLY at a meeting of two parliamentary commissions on Wednesday."

Submission + - Google: Too late for OpenSocial? (

DeeQ writes: Is the search king already too late to the party?

When Google unveiled its OpenSocial developer initiative at the end of October, observers hailed it as the future of the social Web. It's been over six weeks, and OpenSocial — which uses open-source code to allow any participating social media site to implement a common set of application program interfaces (APIs) and create "universal" applications — isn't finished, though developers believe it will be ready early in 2008. In the meantime, a number of partners have launched independent developer platform strategies, and Facebook has announced that other social networks will be able to use its own applications, rivaling what Google can offer.

The Internet

Submission + - wrong information on this web site

Kenneth W.Bussa writes: "I was looking on the internet tonight just to see if any of my old sports days information listed long ago was on the internet. when I put in my name I was suprised to see my name as listed as a 419 scammer on this web site. Several years ago I was sent one of those e-mails from a person who gave me the name of Lie Lee song he said he was a Banker from Hang Seng Bank out of Hong Kong. I never heard of this bank. I was sent a letter stating they had been trying to find me for years stateing that my birth Father had left 19.5 Million dollars for me to recieve when I turned 50 that had been held in a Blind Trust and I was to prove who I was and they would send me over documents to be signed by a lawyer. Of course there was all this mumbo jumbo about being secritive and so forth. I had my Lawyer review the Bank Papers that were sent he said they were valid ( or appeared to be ) I was asked to meet Mr. Song in London to fill out paper work at the Barristers office and the Private Bank. When I arrived in the UK I was told to call him and he would send a Bank Officer to meet me. I called but was asked to wait at my Hotel. I waited then finally I was called and was told Mr. Song would not be able to meet me unless I western Unioned him $ 1500.00 British pounds Sterling. I did but he never showed up. Then I recieved a call two days later and was told the Bank wanted $ 125,000.00 in Bank Fees to disburse my inheritance. I hired a local Barrister to look into this and found out the Bank had been closed and this was a scam. I spent two weeks trying to hunt down the scammers. By making them think I had the cash for them and tried numerious times to get them to meet me at various places to pick up the so called Bank Fees. I almost caught the Bastard in Picadilly Square but he ran into a tube station when I started taking photo's of him. He was a black man in his early 30's about six foot tall. and had a suit on with a baseball cap on. Well I contacted Scotland yard and any police or Bobbie I could find to do something. I was treated like the stupid American that I did feel like. Traveled back to the USA feeling extremly dumb that I had sent all of my personal information to this scam artist. I can only guess that they used my name and possibly my passport information to scam someone else. well It was not me! So I want your web site to remove my name from your site. I felt bad enough by being scammed do not add insult to injury. The thing is I did finally find proof who my birth Father was. I did not know I was adopted for about 48 years. When I did discuss this with who I thought was my biological Parents all they did was cry and said they never wanted me to know. I always wondered when I was growing up why my skin was more tan, I had dark hair , brown eyes, when my siblings were red and blond and light skinned. I looked Itallian or Spanish. I then found out I was. I also always was haunted by my Mom and Dad naming me after a child that they had who died about a year before I was born. Also why did they not have photoes of me when I was born like my siblings. well sometimes you can find out mor than you wanted to. Any way take my American given name off your web site. Thanks, Kenneth W. Bussa"

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