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Comment disrupting natural gene pools (Score 1) 470

I will eat GMO foods all day. I'm not worried about eating them. But I think it's crazy to assume that artificially introduced genes in plants and animals will not spread throughout whole species over time. That kind of regulation just can't be enforced enough. And there are so many mechanisms at play in DNA that we only partly understand. A researcher could write over some 'junk' to add genes to rice, and then it turns out the 'junk' contained a RNA suppressor of a crop-destroying rice virus. We don't know enough.

Comment Streaming services have sucky music (Score 1) 316

If you want a pleasant background noise, the aural equivalent of a Glade Plugin, and you never actually pay attention to it, then the streaming services should do the trick. But if you like music, then in my experience, you have to do something else. I think that the services push garbage. If I make a station on one of them, any of them, it starts out playing the music I want to hear (if they have it, which is often not the case). But it rapidly drifts into canned garbage. No matter the genre or style or whatever, they suck. So I download music illegally, or buy it sometimes, or get tapes from my friend who makes tapes. I don't have a record player at the moment, but they work good too. Honestly the illegal services are the fastest and best way to find most stuff.

Comment Re:News for whom? (Score 1) 277

???? Stories about dystopian developments make the feed all of the time. Poorly-implemented tech services are being proffered at an enormous profit margin to a locked-in customer base. Do I have to add a car analogy and a get-off my lawn joke, and a alien overlords joke?

Comment Re:We should never expect or accept tracking (Score 1) 206

For me, it's related to the principle of "I vote on businesses by spending my money there." I don't like the companies that track internet users, and I would prefer it if we could collectively starve them out of business by using tools like Ghostery.
Also, I don't know what the future will hold. Right now, all of this tracking seems relatively innocuous, but these are massive datasets, and unforeseen developments could lead to consequences that I don't like.

Comment Re:Never going to happen (Score 1) 1116

What about mutualism, fascism, participatory (confederalism), the whole spectrum of socialism, gift economy, green economy, etc. You picked one. I think that capitalism survives not because it is fair (it obviously isn't) and not because it is especially efficient (it destroys the environment and oppresses whole countries; the efficiency is a facade based on cost externalization), but because it exterminates alternatives. And I don't view the USSR as an attempt at a real alternative to capitalism, but as a series of dictatorships over a giant corporation which was interested in competing in the capital system, rather than the stated goal of improving quality of life for the masses.

Comment Re:The UBI ignores human nature (Score 1) 1116

So the various government agencies will continue to expand and spend even more money on housing, food, medical care, etc. The UBI won't even make a dent in entitlement budgets. Instead, it will become "free money" to be squandered on a thousand other things besides basic human needs.

All we have to do is draw a hard line. "That's what we offer, it's plenty, deal with it." People will adjust, share, do the same things they are doing now....

Comment In Defense (Score 1) 1116

I don't think "That's not fair!" is interesting or even very pertinent to this argument. There are two factors that favor a UBI: efficiency has increased to the point that most jobs are not relevant, and the tasks that capitalism does not incentivize are piling up . I see two possible solutions to these problems. One would be to force people to work the jobs that we make migrants and foreigners do, but that's impossible because people won't be told what to do except by an abstract force (money). The other is to give everyone enough money that they are free to do things that they want to do.
I think that quality of life and prosperity will increase if we relax the daily struggle. It's just time.

Comment Re:Never going to happen (Score 1) 1116

Ask the people in East Germany

Straw man. No alternative was specified so you picked a supposedly plausible one, which you could handily excoriate. I doubt the user wanted to extol the virtues of mercantilism, but you didn't give them the chance.

You're deliberately pretending that history didn't happen so you can insist that having other people provide for you

Ad hominem. My least favorite thing about arguing in general is being assigned to a common and storied stance. My positions might have nuances y'know?
We've never seen pure capitalism. United Steel was enriched by high tariffs. The US was largely built on slavery. It's arguable that syndicalism was thriving in Catalonia for the short period before it got squashed. I think that pure capitalism would be a plague.

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