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Comment Re:Ursula LeGuin doesn't count? (Score 1) 252

The biggest problem with SF is that it is male-centric. I think that exploration of the male psyche is neat and all, but when the author is totally unaware of the other dimensions of human existence, I get bored really quick. I loved golden-era SF when I was 12, but now most of it reads like a parody of a Victorian-era psychoanalytical session ( Here's a good example, Common Time by James Blish).
But the real issue I have is that SF in general is either an elaborate dance around the actual present-day or "normal-life" issues that it is addressing, or it is stories about ideas, and Nabokov said that the worst stories are about ideas. Anyone who likes SF and hasn't read female writers is missing out big-time on the things that really matter: explorations of the interactions between (non-cardboard cutout) characters and technology and technologically advanced cultures.

Comment Re:The most most seriously needed LEO database (Score 1) 185

I suppose that I should wait until I have the time to write an entire article before I say anything here. I don't want to be an authority on this matter; I just know enough about these incidents to know that what the officer did was blatantly wrong, or else I would not have brought them up. Officer Ryan Donald was not in any danger of actually being hit with a skateboard. Andre or Bryson 'brandished' it at him as they were fleeing. He proceeded to chase them for about 1/4 mile before opening fire on them while they continued to flee.
The incident with the homeless man: as far as I understand it, this man was a nuisance, who would get the cops called on him routinely for yelling and walking in circles and talking to himself. He was having an especial instance of these behaviors and needed to be restrained. We have a fair number of people like this downtown. So SOP in restraining the nuisance perp would be to pin him to the ground. The official report says that he died of a drug overdose, but several people said that his head hit the pavement hard enough to make a loud sound and bounce off of it.
In the case of Andre and Bryson, they were charged with assault while Ryan Donald was not. In the case of the homeless man at the transit center, I don't know of any official inquiries, but this is not for lack of trying.
You can use Google. I don't have the photo of the shot-out window handy but I can get it if you want.

If you aren't a criminal, I'm not sure what you are worried about.

So many people have been criticized for this "if you're a good citizen you have nothing to hide" bullshit on ./ that I can't believe I'm still reading it. Again, Google is your friend here.

Comment Re:The most most seriously needed LEO database (Score 1) 185

While it is true that there are a few officers that deserve jail time (and the do get it most of the time) 99.99% of the LEOs our there are the good guys.

If you think 1/10000 cops is a bad apple, you haven't been around much. That would be roughly 90 "bad cops" in the US. Well, an officer in my town shot and permanently disabled a young black man for stealing beer and brandishing a skateboard. He was shooting so wild that I saw a photo of a bullet hole in the upstairs window of a house across the street. Later the same year I saw other officers giving him high fives after he knocked a homeless man's head into the ground and that man had a seizure and died shortly thereafter. I live in a small town; I would have to be a moron to think he's that exceptional.

They go out every day with a target painted on their back to protect the rest of us for crap pay.

Wrong and wrong; average income for a LEO is ~$48000, and national average is around $42000, so not "low", but above average. And being a cop is safer than being a security guard.

I am fine if they want to make sure their neighbors/acquaintances/dates don't have drug or assault convictions.

I don't even know what to say to this. Are you trying to be a troll?

Comment If you're going to replace it (Score 1) 536

If Apple has a better idea than a headphone jack, I'd be all about it. Do they? I doubt it. Demonstrate some actual function improvement or GTFO. Simply swapping the analog for the digital is incredibly annoying, not only because the interfaces might not be compatible, but also because now I have to worry about the quality of the DAC as well as the speakers if I want good sound. It is a problem multiplier.

Comment disrupting natural gene pools (Score 1) 470

I will eat GMO foods all day. I'm not worried about eating them. But I think it's crazy to assume that artificially introduced genes in plants and animals will not spread throughout whole species over time. That kind of regulation just can't be enforced enough. And there are so many mechanisms at play in DNA that we only partly understand. A researcher could write over some 'junk' to add genes to rice, and then it turns out the 'junk' contained a RNA suppressor of a crop-destroying rice virus. We don't know enough.

Comment Streaming services have sucky music (Score 1) 316

If you want a pleasant background noise, the aural equivalent of a Glade Plugin, and you never actually pay attention to it, then the streaming services should do the trick. But if you like music, then in my experience, you have to do something else. I think that the services push garbage. If I make a station on one of them, any of them, it starts out playing the music I want to hear (if they have it, which is often not the case). But it rapidly drifts into canned garbage. No matter the genre or style or whatever, they suck. So I download music illegally, or buy it sometimes, or get tapes from my friend who makes tapes. I don't have a record player at the moment, but they work good too. Honestly the illegal services are the fastest and best way to find most stuff.

Comment Re:News for whom? (Score 1) 277

???? Stories about dystopian developments make the feed all of the time. Poorly-implemented tech services are being proffered at an enormous profit margin to a locked-in customer base. Do I have to add a car analogy and a get-off my lawn joke, and a alien overlords joke?

Comment Re:We should never expect or accept tracking (Score 1) 206

For me, it's related to the principle of "I vote on businesses by spending my money there." I don't like the companies that track internet users, and I would prefer it if we could collectively starve them out of business by using tools like Ghostery.
Also, I don't know what the future will hold. Right now, all of this tracking seems relatively innocuous, but these are massive datasets, and unforeseen developments could lead to consequences that I don't like.

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