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Comment vague (Score 1) 202

Apple, Google and Microsoft say they have fixed many of the vulnerabilities alluded to in the CIA documents,

Of course they would say that, because it's in their interest to claim that they defend their customers' privacy. That's what the whole San Bernardino iPhone debacle was about: Apple wants to keep being perceived as the Mercedes of computers.

Comment Re:Customer Psychology (Score 1) 498

The main problem is that many people use the same password for some stupid forum as their bank. So when the forum is compromised, instead of punishing the forum users with annoying password rules, they should reach out to users and make sure that they change their other passwords. And if they didn't use salted hashes in the first case, they should lose their nerd cards.

Comment Re:Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 1) 627

Personally i think this methodology would be unethical. Besides, if someone is ever expected to carry any material that sensitive, precautions should be taken that preclude one agent caving in from releasing the sensitive data. I would buy 2 or 3 microSD cards, copy the data onto them in a hidden encrypted partition, hide them in the strap of my carry-on luggage, and never let it out of my sight.

Comment Re:Makes sense. (Score 1) 109

When Are Averages Useless
I'm not disagreeing with the idea that beer has utility in public health in certain contexts. I just don't like poor arguments.
Although, as to your argument, I may have an amendment. Besides boiling, there's some scientific credence to the idea that fermenting can help to protect humans from food poisoning. Here's a sample. Of course, there's some notorious caveats with that, e.g. coconut tempeh is not legal to sell in some places due to its propensity to foster a lethal type of food poisoning: Toxic Tempeh contaminated with Burkholderia cocovenenans.

Comment yield (Score 1) 292

I perused the ~275 comments here, and didn't see anything about this, so here goes:
The main reason you'd want to focus on quinoa is its productivity. Sure, it's about 1/4 of corn right now, but corn is the most modified and perfected crop on the planet. Quinoa and amaranth are in the beet family, which for whatever reason (probably C4 fixation + a lot of adaptability) sets some records for edible stuff per acre, especially with limited irrigation. There's strains of quinoa and amaranth that produce close to 2 pounds of seeds per plant. Anything with remotely that potential ought to be worked up sooner or later. So, right now, a farmer can produce maybe 1 ton/acre of quinoa compared to 3.5 or so of corn, but that number is going to go way up. Since the C4 pathway is the main reason corn is so productive, I'd expect quinoa yield to be on par with corn sooner or later.

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