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Comment Tin foil hats won't be enough anymore ! (Score 1) 89

Do you ever wonder what the world will look like when everyone has their own personal quantum computer?
The principle of quantum computers are that they use entangle qubits (when one switches state, the entangled qubit switch state too, wherever they are). Knowing that NSA puts backdoor in US fabricated routers ( link to admission by cisco), once the quatum computers are out, how long will it be, before the NSA has few qubit entagled with everyone of them ?
No air gap would ever matter ...
Most probably CIA do research and will be/are early adopter of state of the art quantum computers for obvious crypto-breaking purpose, also the main (and let say the only two relevant) CPU companies are from US, the security and privacy concerns will be overwhelming.

Comment Re:The Pi is great as it is (Score 1) 146

The only real thing missing is quite hard - an ability to do realtime I/O control. That's not really in the Pi, but the Linux OS. If there were a good realtime option, then the Pi would be an awesome controller (e.g. for 3d printing, CNC, etc.). As it is, you need an Arduino control I/O so you have precise timing, which adds complexity as you have to program two devices to coordinate, which is much harder than one. Not impossible, obviously, but simpler/easier is better.

I would add ADC would still be missing to make a complete controler wich is the other thing the arduino is doing on a 3D printer (for temperature measurement)

Comment Re:Hopefully the Steambox will Help (Score 1) 80

It is true the support is longer on linux than on windows (who had no printer/scaner which was not working from 98 to XP or XP to 7 ect ...) But " Linux often supports hardware or features months or even years before Windows. ", are you kinding me ? First, hardware is mainly (execept for niche markets as supercomputers) targeted to windows consumers, and would not be sold without working drivers for the last windows. How could the linux driver be ready before launch ?

Comment Re:In Japan?! (Score 1) 71

Who said Japan is paying for half the fees? Physicists hope that Japan will stump up, but this has not been stated by anyone in authority to make such a decision. $5 bn is not small change.

Usually a nation hosting such a project pays for the infrastructures. And if you look at the costing (if I remember well from my PHD), it represents from 1/3 to 1/2 of the total cost : 40 km tunnel is quite expensive. You are right in the sense that I'm not aware of any declaration of Japan concerning the amount of their participation, but in the end that is still about what they will have to pay

Comment Re:Not more powerful than LHC (Score 1) 71

Linacs are better because they can use singular particles (like electrons) as well

Circular accelerator can use electrons too, in fact there is plenty of accelerator which use different type of particules at the same time (most of the pre-accelerator of the LHC such as the PS and the SPS accelerate electron, positrons, protrons and heavy ions in a seconds timescale)

Comment Re:Leaving only funding in the way (Score 1) 71

Funding is generally the most important part, and when you leave it to last, it shows something about your management ability. Something about putting the cart before the horse comes to mind.

This how all the big science project I heard about works. If you wait a politician to say "I have a few billion left and I don't know what to do with it, let's make a kick ass science experiment !" you may wait for long long time .... Also politics don't know shit about science, (as they know nothing about technology in general), it would be the best way to get useless (in the sense not scientificly necessary) experiment to be built.

Comment Re:Not more powerful than LHC (Score 1) 71

Also as electron/positrons are primordial particles (not composed by other particles), when an collision occurs, the total energy of the electron/positron is used to make new particles. On the other side, hardrons are composed by quarks and gluons, so when a hadron collides, as in reality it is one of the quarks which collides, the energy available for the collision is much lower than the hadron energy (and this energy is an unknown to be measured, which makes the analysis more difficult).

Comment Re:Not more powerful than LHC (Score 1) 71

The LHC's predecessor was the "Large Electron Positron" collider, so that's not a particular reason to use a linear accelerator.

Yes the LEP was the predecessor of the LHC (in fact LHC is in the very same tunnel LEP was), but LEP was at much lower energy (120MeV) than the LHC (6TeV) or what would be the ILC (1TeV). LEP was at the limit of the energy "reasonably" achievable for a circular lepton collider, because energy is lost by synchrotron radiation in circular accelerator. The LHC as a hardron collider is not really affected by this, but to get to the energy of the ILC, an linear accelerator was needed. The main paradigm in high energy accelerator is to build a hadron collider to make discoveries, and then a lepton collider for precise measurement because the much lower background level created by lepton collisions

Comment Re:Tinfoil Hats? (Score 1) 160

Think to it differently: If US, Europe and now India are so convinced (without any proof) of the presence of backdoors in Chinese equipment, it is obviously because they include such backdoors in the equipment they manufacture and see no reason why Chinese would not do the same dam thing. That is the only rational reason I can imagine

Comment Re:This isn't devs listening (Score 1) 197

The mistake the Gnome developers made was calling the new desktop "Gnome 3". Had they presented it as an experimental new environment and named it "Project Harmony" or "Desktop Zen", or something like that, they would have stepped on less toes and met less resistance to the radical changes, and people would have seen it in better light.

It is not just a project called gnome 3, they stopped devolloping gnome 2, made it incompatible with gnome 2 due to dupilcate filenames. Cause of the incompatibility with gnome 2, the biggest distibution made only gnome 3 available (Ubuntu, Fedora,...).

Comment Analogy with France (Score 1) 151

Just to give you an idea on how things can evolve I would like to share what happen in France. I'm French, so I'm not familiar with US rate, but from what I remeber seeing here, it seems "unlimited" data plan with caps at 500 Mb are about 50$/month. It is somewhat comparable with what we had here before a 4th operator named Free enter the phone market.

Free made a plan which was 20€ = 25$ (15€ =20 $ for who used them also as internet provider) with 2Go caps, free unlimited calls and free ulimited SMS/MSM. No subvension was given to get a new phone, but there was no commitment period either.

In one year we saw dramatic price decrease from most opperators but still Free still succeded to get about 6% of the market (source = wikipedia). My point is indead mobile operators overprice badly the plans, and there is hope when a new one enter the market that things evolve positively.

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