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Comment Commodore (Score 1) 515

C64's BASIC was my first exposure to programming. I had to take a FORTRAN class in Aero Engineering school, and coded a computer model based on some old NASA code for my Master's Thesis. My first job was writing FORTRAN and C code for spacecraft flight software. Learning on the job ever since.

Comment Re:Does it come with an RA? (Score 2) 412

Very good question. I always managed to land douchey roommates in college when I didn't have a choice about it, and sometimes even when I did. Even if it's "curated" (is that even legal?), that's a lot of opportunity for Big Brother-type drama. Some people like micro living and I'm sure people will be attracted to that. Sort of an upscale intentional community of sorts.

Comment Mars '98 (Score 1) 377

I worked on both the Mars Climate Orbiter and the Mars Polar Lander, though not on software related to the failures. I did fry a $12k damper during testing though due to a misunderstanding with the thermal engineers on hardware placement (I didn't lose my job, I was fresh out of college). Due the fact that the capillary pumped loop heat pipe thermal system didn't work, they ended up cutting it off and adding extra heaters/sensors at the last minute. Looming launch deadlines make for crazy times ...

Comment Not a New Concept (Score 1) 407

For an eye-opening documentary on Methamphetamine (understanding Adderall is low dose amphetamine): "National Geographic: World's Most Dangerous Drug" (available on Netflix) In Asia it goes by "ya ba" and is used by workers to work longer hours and more shifts, to make more money. "Some say the pressure to compete has created a generation of Thai meth addicts"

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