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Comment Re:$1.4 Billion (Score 1) 467

You seem to be misunderstanding me or I am misunderstanding you. And yes, I agree handles can be deceptive. Sorry, I didn't mean a personal attack. I, too, am all for the Declaration of Independence, the security of our borders, and a stable business environment. Maybe we agree on the ideas but not on how to implement them best. Oh well.

Comment Re:$1.4 Billion (Score 1) 467

I said more freedom, not ultimate freedom. I said fewer programs, not no programs. It's it odd that the first thing that people point at is "no policemen no firefighters oh no chaos!!!!" No, not really. There's a lot you could reduce (not even CUT, but just REDUCE) before you'd be left with "oh man, the only thing left to cut is policemen and firefighters." How about we put those near the bottom of the list to cut/reduce? People and companies have to make budget cuts/reductions, how about the government tried it too? If you haven't noticed, the national debt is kinda high. And yes, it's Bush's fault too. But not solely Bush's fault. It's pretty much everyone's fault.

Comment Re:$1.4 Billion (Score 1) 467

I agree with you. If you notice, the post I was replying to was talking about jobs, not borders. I completely agree that national defense, which would include protecting the borders, is the government's job. I guess the fact that the guy's name is "Marxist Hacker" might be a clue to his position on things.

Giant Shoe Honors Journalist Who Targeted Bush 60

A town in Iraq has unveiled a giant monument in honor of the journalist who threw his shoe at former US President George W. Bush. The statue, unveiled in former dictator Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit, depicts a bronze-colored shoe, filled with a plastic shrub. Fatin Abdul Qader, head of an orphanage and children's organization in the town, said the one-and-a-half-ton monument by artist Laith al-Amiri was titled "statue of glory and generosity." This statue is the least expression of our appreciation for Muntazer al-Zaidi, because Iraqi hearts were comforted by his throw." Mission accomplished.

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