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Comment No Worries, Stopped using CNET a while ago (Score 2) 397

I stopped using CNET a very long time ago. and are about all I trust anymore. This really doesn't surprise me, the reason I stopped using CNET is that I got infected downloading something from their site years ago. The only thing I hate trying to download and find are Microsoft compatible drivers for old hardware companies that have long since bit the dust. I usually try to convince those end users to switch to linux after I confirm the kernel has drivers for their crappy old hardware.

Comment Re:Not defending Google here... (Score 1) 230

You just don't understand! Hacking is a genetic mutation that only some small percentage of the global population are born with! These mutants have too much power to be trusted! Google obviously intentionally hired these people with the intent of finding out my XBOX 360 MAC address so that they could log into my Kinect and take pictures of my innocent children in their home! Think about the Children! We can't fault the bank if someone with mutant powers could simply walk right through the vault, how can we fault TCP/IP for being vulnerable to mutants?

Comment Re:Rewrite the Constitution or face default! (Score 1) 1042

The Treasury Department can prioritize payments in order to avoid a default. In addition, the Treasury could sell some of its assets in order to pay the bills. There are approximately $2.6 trillion dollars in the Social Security Trust Fund; those assets can be used to pay benefits. Furthermore, there is already trillions of dollars of interagency debt that counts toward the $14.29 trillion debt limit. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner could convert that inter-agency debt into publicly-held debt, preventing not only a technical default but also preventing any delay in government payments. While the Treasury cannot use money from the Social Security Trust Fund, it can “disinvest” from other trust funds to pay for benefits. The Treasury Department could also make cash available from the trust fund by “disinvesting” some of the money used to buy government bonds. The disinvesting approach is a temporary accounting device that would help maintain the Treasury’s cash flow. In other words, the debt ceiling being reached will have little affect on seniors, poor people, veterans, military + their families. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Republicans also offered to raise the debt limit as long as the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill was passed, and it is the president who is failing to compromise with them and is waging a mostly emotional political fight that has little to no basis on facts at the expense of not coming to an agreement in time.

Comment Re:Help! I'm no Scientist, but.. (Score 1) 196

That's what is confusing to me, who are these people who even bother to think or make up theories about "What if you could catch the carrot" once we have proven time and time again that its impossible within the scope of the laws of this universe. That is far less productive than trying to figure out if catching up with the carrot could somehow be forced into happening in the first place.

Comment Re:Help! I'm no Scientist, but.. (Score 1) 196

Your confusing me, I'm just content with knowing that speed of light is always 299 792 458 m/s no matter how fast your going in relation to someone else. Thus, if you launch from earth at 149 896 229 m/s, and you measure light in a vacuum guess what, light is still going 299 792 458 m/s when you measure it. Knowing this, how could you possibly start even thinking about going the speed of light when in reality your no better than a horse trying to catch up to a carrot hanging from a stick on its head?

Comment Re:Wait, these are not MY corporations (Score 1) 221

The problem is too many people try to turn the government into a direction of creating new and overreaching entities which have little to no accountability to anyone, i.e. the military, NASA, Social Security, Medicare, ICE, NSA, DEA, ATF etc... Money is a very powerful motivator for creating a larger corpora...err...I mean government ;-)

Comment Re:Wait, these are not MY corporations (Score 1) 221

It's because of the Cold War. Republicans want a viable space program to stay ahead of the rest of the world for recon and weaponry. They see national defense as the one and only use for government, and NASA fell under that definition for them as well. This is the real reason why NASA hasn't ventured for the moon since the Russians stopped trying. It was never for science or exploration, rather a race to the best spot to shoot heavy and fast objects on the enemy using a magnetic canon on the moon. The real reason for project constellation is to impede china from re-igniting another cold war space race. If a nation places a moon base and disregards the space treaty it could mean a great tactical advantage in war.

Comment Re:Wait, these are not MY corporations (Score 2) 221

The dysfunction of the Government was planned by the founders. It was intended to prevent the Government from even trying to create huge wasteful programs, because if they have so much trouble with small things why take on huge complex projects with wide-reaching consequences? The dysfunction of government is inherent to all governments, whether under the pretense of one party "cooperative" or "efficient" rule or not. Dysfunction is beneficial as it naturally keeps the government small, and aims toward anarchism as close as possible.

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