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Comment Re:Afro-American Racism Against Whites and Asians (Score 1) 317

Anonymous Coward

Is quite right in this case.

Back on topic...
Real ID is a total failure, like the rest of the Bush administration. One hopes the current one can implement something more realistic and something that would actually accomplish the task of making IDs a little less like Monopoly Money. Current IDs are not up to the task. They are too easy to fake, too easy to get illegitimately and don't work well across state lines. What we need is a well thought out ID that is a little harder to get a hold of, harder to fake, and can help law enforcement/emergency personnel identify someone who's halfway across the country from home.

Comment Re:Symantec, please shutdown (Score 1) 268

Actually dude could be an American. I work at a call center and when we knew we weren't being recorded we had a little fun. Sometimes we would fake an Indian name and accent and mess with customer's. Imagine "Hello my name is Mohammed, what can is it I can help you with today" in a really horrid indian accent. What can I say, sometimes we got bored.

Comment Re:Vista is good. But there's a bigger problem. (Score 1) 394

Except when you get false negatives all the time. I have a Compaq laptop that came installed with XP. Everytime I want to reinstall windows I have to call microsucks to activate it. In those same 20 minutes I can have pretty much any Linux Distro installed. Then I get to wait another two weeks to install updates, restart, install updates, restart, install updates, restart

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