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Judge Orders Amazon Refunds for Children's In-app Purchases ( 54

A federal judge has directed Amazon to set up a year-long process to reimburse parents whose children made in-app purchases without permission, but rejected a U.S. regulator's request for a $26.5 million lump-sum payout. Reuters reports:U.S. District Judge John Coughenour, in Amazon's hometown of Seattle, issued his order more than six months after finding the online retailer liable, in a case brought by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC in July 2014 accused Amazon of making it too easy for children to run up bills while playing games such as "Pet Shop Story" and "Ice Age Village" on mobile devices, resulting in an estimated $86 million of unauthorized charges.

Comment Re:Trigger an Opposite Reaction? (Score 1) 345

There is obviously a market split between iPhone, and Android. The OP's hypothesis is that based solely on Tim Cook and Apples current stance on the issue, that a measurable and statistically significant number of potential buyers will actively switch from iPhones to Androids.

My "intellectual objection" is that the idea is completely unsupported. I could equally argue that I "suspect" it has led to an increase in the number of students studying 19th century manchurian folk dancing and I'd be equally correct.

Comment Trigger an Opposite Reaction? (Score 1) 345

The OP says "I suspect Apple's public refusal to decrypt, and Tim Cook's strong words in favor of user privacy, have probably triggered an opposite reaction among many would-be phone buyers"

Based on what exactly? Why do you suspect this? Your opinion? Gut feeling? unsubstantiated rumors? Tea Leaves? Fox news?

Comment Re:"Peripheral Processors", not "Parallel Processo (Score 2) 54

I came here to say this. In the early 80's I worked on Control Data Cyber 174C mainframes (we had two). Liquid cooled, about maybe 20 feet long with hinged chassis that swung out like doors (maybe 40" by 6' and about 10" thick) . One chassis was a CPU, two were memory I think, and one was for 10+ Peripheral Processor Units (PPUs) which did 100% of the I/O. A whopping 40 MHz! and a 208 bit memory bus with SECDED.

Comment In his memory - Teaching (Score 3, Informative) 43

I'm a CPR instructor and I will mention this to the class of 16 that I'm teaching in 2 hours. Out of hospital cardiac arrest survival rates are still an abysmally low 8% because bystanders are often paralyzed, fearful, unwilling to get involved, and timidly participate when they do. The American Heart Association's new goal is to double survival rates by 2020. In his memory, you should find a class, bring a friend, learn how to react and be willing to do so.

Comment Generally known but incorrect... (Score 1) 211

If you call 911 from a cellphone in southeastern MA, your call is sent to state police headquarters, then it is transferred to the nearest state police barracks, THEN it is transferred to the primary PSAP. So I guess it is more correct to say that you will be connected to the PSAP *eventually*.

  Source, I'm an EMT, my paramedic partner is also a MA state cop.

Comment Re:Marathoner (Score 1) 169

Don't just assume your rate is low because you're in peak physical condition. I run and mine is often below 40. I took notice when it was 34, then 32, and got worried when it was 30. I've got a benign (asymptomatic) bradydysrhythmia. Do your heart a favor and at least get a baseline ECG

Comment I know two victims (Score 1) 251

I know two elderly people, both bilked out of $300. I see dozens of stories in this thread about how so many of us have been called and how you like to string them along and frustrate them. I've been called at least a dozen times. We need something other than just frustration to battle them. How can we prepare tools and tactics to respond and try to stop this?

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