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Comment Poorly Written (Score 2) 253

This article is emotionally charged and poorly written with no real figures to back up your claims.. "In other words, 'the ratio of wing-command opportunities for RPA pilots versus those who fly manned combat aircraft is a staggering 1-to-26.'" No it's not. To tell us the ratio of opportunities for pilots you also need to take into account how many pilots there are in each field. If there are 26 times more fighter pilots than drone pilots then opportunities for a given pilot are roughly the same. The numbers you quote earlier don't even give us a hint as to the number of these pilots as you simply compare DRONE AIRCRAFT vs BOMBER AIRCRAFT then go on to compare DRONE WING COMMANDS vs FIGHTER WING COMMANDS. I don't care if your article represents the general spirit of what is happening in the U.S.A.F with regard to drone pilots, if you want to convince anyone with a shred of critical thinking don't go throwing around unrelated 'fun facts' then try and tie them together to shore up an emotionally charged train-wreck. On the upside you pissed me off enough to go and create this account....

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