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Comment I must admit... (Score 1) 284

If the FBI director is claiming to be so staunchly against something, I'm quite apt to be pleased and support this.<br><br>But let's not forget that encryption hasn't stopped government surveillance as seen in the various leaks over the past year. This is likely double-speak and for all we know, the FBI and other agencies could already have the keys needed to override the encryption. Google, Microsoft, Apple, et al have proven already that their customer's privacy, whether from the government or another third-party, is something they happily ill lie about all the while saying "we had to do it--they made us!"

Comment Re:Let them try (Score 1) 146

It is a shame that anyone should half to endure such tragedy.

However, I find it incredibly honorable and reassuring to know that at least somewhere in the world, there is a massive group of intelligent, open-minded, and decent people who will not let their government step on them so easily.

We Americans could certainly learn from you Indians, and I don't mean that in a tech or web sense. ;)

Comment Re:Let them try (Score 1) 146

Yeah, except how many Americans would actually switch to another platform knowing that the government is actively monitoring or working on censoring it?

Oh, wait... NEXT TO NONE.

Facebook is the new crack and almost EVERYBODY IS HOOKED. Make any changes and the sheep will just keep chuggin' along, like the media, their "representatives," and everyone else they know does. Most Americans truly are sheep, looking to the great nanny state to tell them what to do next (and no, just because we can sit here and bitch on /. doesn't mean that half of what we say or think actually applies in this new world created by "our" "representatives").

Comment Re:All you negative people... (Score 1) 68

As simple as not eating grains?

I have celiac's and I can't have dairy, corn, most meats, and I know PLENTY of other people who have seen ADDITIONAL food intolerances crop up over the years.

I think raising funding for it is a great idea. There are so many people out there who have no clue that, just as you said, grains really aren't good for any of us.

Comment Bu...bu...bu...whaddabout da books? (Score 1) 230

Believe it or not, some of us actually prefer the feel, texture, and overall appearance of a BOOK. eBooks are nice and all but even when they're printed, they're no where near the same.

I will admit: seeing all these Bargain Book stores around Ann Arbor and Lansing, MI selling Borders property for $.25 a piece really has quadrupled my book collection. I may die before I ever get a chance to read all of them. :)
Open Source

Submission + - Hacker artist embraces open source for inspiration (

supaneko writes: "Computer terminals at a gritty internet cafe in New York City's Chinatown were taken over last week by digital artist Evan Roth in order to debut his internet-based art. Scores of art enthusiasts flocked to Mr Roth's "speed show", an art exhibition format that is specifically geared toward displaying artwork hosted on websites.

To hold a speed show, an artist will rent time on terminals at an internet cafe, many times amidst a sea of teenage gamers, and pull up webpages containing his or her artwork on a cluster of monitors. Mr Roth spread the word about his speed show, called When We were Kings, through Twitter only days before the event.

"I like taking these ideas that come from open source development. In this case, the hack isn't programming code but altering it to your own meaning," Roth says."

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