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Wireless Networking

Best Pre-Paid Data Plan For a Visit To Germany? 153

code prole writes "With two upcoming trips to Germany, and no readily available Internet (Wi-Fi or otherwise) in the location where we'll be staying, I'm looking for a no-contract USB stick and pre-paid data plan. Vodafone has a huge selection of USB sticks but has proven to be unresponsive to questions about data plans. And the US-based T-Mobile Help Center was clueless about getting the device in Europe and using it there. Hopefully the Slashdot community has some suggestions. Any duds to avoid?"

Comment Re:p2p (Score 1) 141

Fido-net style....... aha,.... yes we are on the same page again. Had to go back in memory for that one. :-) however yes you could do this. It would mean building a lot of things however nothing is holding you back from building such a thing. You will have to maybe even create your own handsets (or new software for it) however it can be done with enough time (and $). ;-) tell me when you are done :-)

Comment Re:What are the costs? (Score 1) 141

Some information is given on the costs during the talk, you can find links to the video archive of the talks at https://wiki.har2009.org/page/Media

some of the pages are currently down I think because the event network is down however servers should be on the move back to the datacenter. Some of the links are currenlty working so you can already have a peak.

Johan Louwers.

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