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Comment IE == dead (Score 1) 214

Last year the IE market was around 80%, its not down to around 60%. Windows 7 will release, and that market share will become 40%. Sure you still have those grandmas and the average unlearned person using their old xp computer with IE and tons of malware but companies are switching to linux and that will make IE lose, plus I hear that they are making IE an option on windows 7?, and their standards compliance is a joke. I stopped making websites that work with IE.

Submission + - Information Systems and which Certificates?

sunshinekiller writes: I have professors pushing certificates here and there and with the price of them being so high which ones are the most beneficial for someone starting in Information Systems?

Comment ummm no (Score 1) 417

No, i would not play an rts game or mmo on a console. Would be annoying and fps is better also on pcs then console but if people keep pirating games then i can see the trend of developers going to purely consoles.

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