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Comment Is this really a ban? (Score 1) 555

IANAL, but I don't think this forbids anyone from setting up their own server because of the words "should not":

"Unless you have a written agreement with Google Fiber permitting you do so, you should not host any type of server using your Google Fiber connection"

(Emphasis by me). This sounds more like a "it would be nice if you don't" to me. Heck, even RFC 2119 agrees:

4. SHOULD NOT This phrase, or the phrase "NOT RECOMMENDED" mean that there may exist valid reasons in particular circumstances when the particular behavior is acceptable or even useful, but the full implications should be understood and the case carefully weighed before implementing any behavior described with this label.


Submission + - The Hail Mary Cloud is Growing (blogspot.com)

badger.foo writes: The .au Rickrolling of jailbroken iPhones only goes to prove that bad passwords are bad for you, Peter Hansteen points out before he reports on the further exploits of password-guessing Hail Mary Cloud (previously /.ed here). The article contains log data that could indicate that the cloud of distributed password guessing hosts is growing.

Comment Re:Which kernel version do I apply the patch to? (Score 1) 333

I applied the patch to v2.6.30 from Linus' git tree at git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git (commit 07a2039b8eb0af4ff464efd3dfd95de5c02648c6), and it compiled fine. Had to let patch(1) assume "-R" when it wanted to delete non-existant files, though. Worked for me:

linux-2.6$ ln -sv . linux-2.6.30-bfs
linux-2.6$ patch -p0 </tmp/2.6.30-sched-bfs-209.patch
patching file linux-2.6.30-bfs/Documentation/sysctl/kernel.txt
patching file linux-2.6.30-bfs/fs/pipe.c
patching file linux-2.6.30-bfs/include/linux/init_task.h
patching file linux-2.6.30-bfs/include/linux/sched.h
The next patch would delete the file linux-2.6.30-bfs.orig/kernel/sched.c,
which does not exist! Assume -R? [n] y

Comment Re:I've Still Yet to See the Code from Them (Score 5, Insightful) 237

PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft Corporation (or based on where you live, one of its affiliates) licenses this supplement to you. You may use it with each validly licensed copy of Microsoft operating system products software (for which this supplement is applicable) (the ÃoesoftwareÃ). You may not use the supplement if you do not have a license for the software.

(Emphasis by me.) Addidionally, if this is GPL, as they say, they can't demand that you have a MS Windows license to use the software. When you've got a copy of it, you're free to use it as much as you want, with or without a MS Windows license.


Submission + - Astronomer Photographs Meteor Thru Telescope (mikesastrophotos.com) 1

Matt Rogers writes: "Amateur astronomer Mike Hankey may be the first person on earth to take a picture of a fireball meteor thru a telescope. The picture has been confirmed authentic by numerous professional astronomers and asteroid hunters. This picture could possibly be the first of its kind. Taking a picture of a meteor is a very difficult thing to do, taking a picture of a meteor thru a telescope is near impossible. The hunt is on in southern PA for the meteorites that broke away from this space rock. Using Hankey's picture as well as security tape meteorite hunters have been able to narrow down the crash site to a smaller area. Even with the trajectory roughly determined, professional meteorite hunters think finding these meteorites may be near impossible. However if they are found they will be immensely valuable and could be very large."

Comment This is the story behind the podcasts: (Score 5, Informative) 434

"Vår daglige Beatles" (Our daily Beatles) was a daily radio program presenting all 212 recordings by The Beatles in chronological order, presented by Bård Ose and Finn Tokvam. Every presentation lasted about five minutes and contained interesting facts about the song -- what the inspiration for the song was, how it was recorded, some trivia about the period it was recorded, and so on. A very well-produced and informative work. The radio show started January 2007, and every Beatles song was played in its full length. It's believed this is the only time Revolution 9 was played in its entirety on Norwegian radio.

The last episode was aired 2007-12-13, and when christmas 2007 arrived, all 212 podcasts were put out for download at nrk.no as a christmas present for all Beatles fans, with the music removed. A real treasure, even though I had this cron job running every day to download each episode. Still, it was nice to get the complete collection.

This January NRK was planning to release every episode with the music. They got a deal with TONO (the Norwegian RIAA) and everything was OK, but it turned out that the agreement with IFPI and FONO only allowed publishing shows aired the last four weeks, and as mentioned, these programs were aired in 2007, so the podcasts had to be pulled.


Australians To Get New Sex Party 4

No, not that kind of sex party, a political party. The Australian Sex Party will be launched in Melbourne on Thursday as an alternative to moral campaigners and prudish politicians. Fiona Patten, who is head of the national adult retail and entertainment lobby group the Eros Association, said the trigger had been the government's decision to place a mandatory filter on the Internet. "This filter actually blacklists any adult site so it means that material which is absolutely legal for an adult to buy in a newsagency in Australia, they will be prohibited from viewing it online," Patten said. I'm not sure how effective they will be, but I'm sure they'll have the best conventions ever.

Ubuntu Satanic Edition Banned From Distrowatch 24

skeeto writes "The infamous Ubuntu Satanic Edition has been banned from Distrowatch by the site's maintainer, Ladislav Bodnar, who said, 'There is no way I am going to add this distro to DistroWatch. [...] I don't consider the name "Satanic edition" as an appropriate name for a Linux distribution.' But the main reason seems to be that 'Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical. You need to show me an official permission from Canonical that grants you the use of the word Ubuntu in your product's name.' What about Muslim and Christian editions? It seems that worries about trademark infringement and offensive material does not stop Distrowatch from including those."

Submission + - Google Maps Street View NOT invasion of privacy (blogspot.com)

airshowfan writes: "Applicable laws say that Google Maps Street View is NOT a violation of privacy. The most relevant law here is probably the one used by Jennifer Aniston to sue a paparazzo! It says that an invasion of privacy only occurs when someone looks into your window while using "enhancing devices" (telephoto lenses, binoculars, etc) and sees/takes a picture that is more detailed than what a passerby could see from the street with the naked eye. So as long as Google's images are not as sharp as what you could see as you walk past, Google should be ok. This article explains these issues of how private your home really is, and goes into issues of surveillance and sousveillance, of how much privacy one can expect while in a public place, and of how the information age is all about organizing the crumbs of information you leave behind. It is no longer reasonable to expect that your information trail cannot be easily organized, interpreted, and broadcast to the world."

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