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Comment Too much news (Score 3, Insightful) 117

This is what happens when you have a society that can no longer make things that are productive and all become journalists and bloggers with nothing of use to write about. Nintendo did this to try to curb an issue they saw. Someone with no real news to report decided to try to make this news. Now it's an issue for no real reason. I'm not against reporting whatever you want, just noting how pathetic society is in its need to consume 'news' that really isn't.

Comment Cry me a river. (Score 1) 805

Let's see. My daughter and her boyfriend make a combined ~115k/year, both being just graduates in accounting and are paying $2000 for a single bedroom in Boston and are doing just fine. This guy pays a whopping extra $12k in rent yet it making an extra 45k a year. I'm not seeing a huge issue with SV.

Comment Re:Interesting, but... (Score 1) 181

You would be wrong. Its on the manufacturing side real savings will occur. Understand they talk about ketchup because it does just this, gets people talking about their product. Ketchup doesn't matter in their plan other than to help secure funding. There are processes that may or may not be food related where 10+% of product is lost due to the viscosity of the product. In fact the purpose of this money raising is to invest in their CleanTanX product line.

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