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Comment I don't really see an issue (Score 3, Interesting) 220

It's instagram. The idea is for 99% of people to post garbage pictures of themselves for fun. It's not about learning some life lesson about dealing with a world full of anonymous assholes who now can say what they want without looking someone in the face to do so.

Comment What is this even talking about? (Score 1) 294

Nope, didn't read the article. The summary itself is all over the place. What are they even talking about? Blue light keeping admins who take naps in router closets from being able to sleep? Or millennials complaining because the are living in their moms basements and being kept awake because the router is still down there? Who the hell walks around the office looking for blue lights shining through to see if wifi is working? Who are these people?

Comment The real issue keeps being ignored (Score 1) 89

I don't worry about the one off situations that occur for the end user. The real issue is what brought down the UPS 747 outside of Dubai in 2010. While this was a freight aircraft, pallets of these things are routinely shipped as cargo commercial airlines. Scores of lithium batteries left unattended in the cargo hold does concern me.

Comment Re:Not quite so bad (Score 2) 639

All of which are reliable compared to the physical mechanical systems that break. I don't make claim this isn't an issue. Simply that the things that break most often on tractors are in fact still repairable. I can say this as my wifes family business is in supplying parts to farmers to do just that. I'm simply stating that the entire picture is not painted in this article.

Comment Not quite so bad (Score 1) 639

The vast majority of repairs are mechanical in nature that are more traditional old school repairs and don't require electronic diagnostics. On a car its typically emissions related that you need to diagnose, Tractors don't have the same requirements. Things that break are typically mechanic, and fixable. Again, is silly, but lets not paint a picture that you need to take the tractor in to have the tire replaced either.

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